A Yorkshire Wedding

A month or so back I was asked to bake some wedding cupcakes and a matching top tier layer cake. The Manager of my son’s old primary school After School Club was getting married. The manager of the club had seen my cupcakes when I had brought some in for a party and admired them. I was thrilled to be asked to make her wedding cake and cupcakes for her wedding. I found the perfect example of what I was looking for, for the design brief when I looked through my Primrose Bakery books. I love the idea that each guest has an individual cupcake to eat, saves on the cutting up of the cake or they can be taken home easily if they don’t want to be eaten there and then. I also like the idea of a top tier that the bride and groom or birthday boy/ girl can cut if they want to.

The Yorkshire Wedding Cake was made at the end of an extremely busy week for me! In fact I had just celebrated my 40th birthday with a party the weekend before, gone through an OFSTED Inspection at the school where I work in my day job and then on the Friday I set to on the wedding cake order. I panicked when I looked and found I hadn’t got enough silver foil cases earlier on in the week and had had to order more over the internet. Thankfully they arrived in time!

The Top Tier- made from The Primrose Bakery’s Vanilla Layer Cake and Vanilla Buttercream recipe coloured a delicate lilac and finished with handmade Yorkshire Roses.

Here are the matching cupcakes, based on the Primrose Bakery’s Vanilla Cupcake recipe and topped with a version of their Vanilla buttercream. The only difference is the Primrose Bakery tend to apply their icing with a pallette knife swirl, I prefer to use a star nozzle like on an ice cream!

Here is the cake and cupcakes all assembled and ready for the wedding reception to start.
I was more nervous taking the cakes to the venue. The bride had given me brilliant directions and I was easily able to park outside the Hospitium to take the cake in, it had been a horrible wet night. The roads were slippy and it took me a while to carry all the cakes to the boot of my car from my house. I made sure they were all safely stowed in the boot and drove very slowly all the way along the A59 to York. I couldn’t care less that I was driving like an old fart, all I cared about was getting the cakes safely to their destination. Even a pothole in the road can be catastrophic! Luckily the staff at the Hospitium were wonderful and offered help in setting the table up for me to assemble the cakes on my stand. Finally they were in place and I could drive home and start on my next cake commission.

Luckily the cakes went down very well, I was delighted as I always feel a bundle of nerves handing over a cake to a customer and I was proud of my very first Primrose Bakery inspired wedding order.
Happy Baking!
Sam x

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