The Hairy Dieters- Chicken And Ham Tangle Pie

Bank Holidays in the UK are normally a day that we associate with bad weather, huge traffic jams, people going to the seaside or massive queues at retail parks as people go buying for their latest home improvements in DIY shops.  All of these fill our family with dread on a Bank Holiday and I would rather stay at home than cope with a traffic jam as everyone and his monkey head for the coast.  When the children were younger and before I went back to work, I would relish our family days out even if the weather was crap!  But now, perhaps I’m getting old, or maybe I’m turning into a Grumpy Old Woman!  I just can’t face going anywhere on a Bank Holiday at the moment.

We had planned to go out in the afternoon up to the top of Sutton Bank for a walk with the dog around Wass Forest. We have always loved our Sunday afternoon walks when the children were younger and I thought if I cooked an early lunch we could be away and up in the forest for 2 o’clock. But, as per usual as we were sat down to lunch the rain started pouring and pouring and pouring….   My hubby said he was glad that he’d mown the grass in the morning. I was also glad the jobs had been done around the house, who wants to clean and dust looking out at pouring rain?

I decided on trying out the Hairy Dieters’ Chicken And Ham Tangle Pie as I had bought in some filo
pastry and I had some leftover ham.  I thought it would be a comforting meal to have with some veg on the side for a family Bank Holiday lunch as the rain poured down outside.  Usually pies are no go areas on a diet, especially when you have pastry but the filo pastry is much lighter than puff or shortcrust pastry. Although I find it a pain to work with, it makes a lovely, crunchy topping to the pie.  The filling was also thick and creamy even though it was stock and half fat creme fraiche to make the sauce.

First of all I lightly cooked some onion and garlic in a teaspoonful of sunflower oil, then added a sliced leek to the pan. In a separate pan I fried bite size chunks of about 3 chicken breasts in FryLight spray.  I then added some chicken stock to the vegetables. The recipe also called for 100ml white wine to be added at this point but I didn’t have any open, so I added more chicken stock to make up.  After these had cooked through I tossed the chicken in some plain flour along with the strips of left over ham and then added it to the pan.  This was left to reduce while I sorted out the filo pastry topping.

I had three sheets of filo pastry which I cut into three leaving me with 9 rectangles.  It was very fiddly to use and it ripped in several places.  At least it wouldn’t be visible on the top of this pie.

I then put the filling into my pie dish and realised it was pretty full.  After that I started to brush each filo pastry rectangle lightly with sunflower oil and scrunched them up to go on top of the pie.  Luckily it covered up any broken bits of the pastry.  I was amazed at how creamy the filling looked and I couldn’t wait to eat it.

Chicken And Ham Tangle Pie all ready to go in the oven for about  30-35 minutes.

I can honestly say this was one of the nicest pie recipes I had tried. I know this recipe is going to be used again and again as it is so tasty.  My benchmark is if my husband and son eat it then I know I will be able to cook it again.  There was a completely clean pie dish, it was meant to serve 5 people but my husband and son had seconds!

Happy Cooking!
Love Sam xx

The finished Chicken And Ham Tangle Pie as featured in The Hairy Dieters Book: How To Love Food And Lose Weight

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