The Hairy Dieters’ Coconut Prawn Curry

Last Thursday it had been a few days since I had got back from my summer holiday and I still hadn’t got my act together getting the food shopping in for the week.  I had run round our local Morrisons the day before in between other errands so that I wasn’t dragging my children round for hours on end.  I also felt that if I took them on a weekly shop I would end up putting twice as much stuff in the trolley.  In the end I did throw stuff in without making a proper list and a couple of days later thought “Oh hell, what on earth can I make with this?”

When I got in from Morrisons I put IPlayer on while I was catching up with my ironing and saw two episodes of the Hairy Bikers’ series where they turn into the Hairy Dieters. I enjoy watching all of the Hairy Bikers’ programmes on the TV, but this one has been my favourite so far. The subject of dieting strikes a chord with me, seeing as I seem to be on one or thinking I should be on one most of the time! I am amazed at how Dave Myers and Si King have managed to lose about 3 stone each, yet they adore their food and are constantly surrounded by it when filming and out on the road.  So I wanted to see how they did it, although I am not on television, I bake for a living and I am a self confessed foodie!
The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight- the book  to accompany the BBC TV series.
So, last Thursday it had been a busy day.  I had taken my son out to watch the latest Diary of A Wimpy Kid film at the cinema, gone via Tesco for washing powder and a perk me up coffee in the cafe.  I regretted buying the cappucino, it was meant to be Costa coffee but it was the most bitter coffee I had tasted in my life. It gave me a massive headache, so bad I am surprised I managed to drive home.  But I had to, as my daughter’s horse needed feeding, my dog needed walking and my husband was hundreds of miles away up in the Scottish Highlands.  What could I cook that was easy to make but I had the stuff in the fridge?
The Coconut Prawn Curry recipe leapt out at me from the page.  My daughter (who does not eat meat) loves prawns and korma type curries like me and the recipe served 2 people.  It looked delicious yet would take only 20-30 minutes to prepare. I had some prawns in the fridge and a tin of half fat coconut milk in the cupboard.  My son was happy and content with a portion of another Hairy Dieters’ meal that was in the freezer from a couple of weeks ago, which was chilli and rice.  So on with the recipe.
First I put some curry paste, onion, garlic and some chopped red and yellow peppers in a pan with a little bit of water, so that the onion softened without added fat.  The curry paste the Hairy Bikers suggest to use is a medium strength one, but mine was a korma paste so it probably was a bit milder than the one in the recipe.
I then had to add some mango chutney, tomatoes and half fat coconut milk to the pan.  When I looked in the cupboard I noticed I’d run out of mango chutney so instead I used a tablespoonful of my next door neighbour’s homemade apple chutney, hoping this wouldn’t affect the taste of the dish.  After this had cooked for a bit, I had to make a little cornflour paste in order to thicken up the sauce.  Finally I added in the prawns and some spinach leaves.  
Served with a portion of 50g dry weight boiled basmati rice, this was a substantial meal. We both thought the curry tasted fantastic and were keen to try it again as soon as possible.  I am sure it would taste just as delicious with chicken or even with lots of different vegetables.  

The Hairy Dieter’s Coconut and Prawn Curry served with a portion of basmati rice.

Happy Cooking!
Sam xx

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