The Hairy Dieters’ Paprika Chicken

Last Friday I promised to take my children into York for the afternoon.  Even though we live only about 10 miles from York itself we hadn’t been into the centre of York for a few weeks.  The children joked that “Mum’ll spend most of the time in Lakeland!” but to be honest, it was just great to be able to go into town and have lunch and a look at the shops.  We ended up having lunch in Nandos which was very busy and noisy but the children enjoyed filling and refilling their glasses of coca cola!

When we got back in at dinner time the last thing I felt like was a big dinner and the children felt the same.  However, my hubby had got back from a trip to Scotland and was starving as all he had eaten was a sandwich on Edinburgh station.  So, I had to look and see what was in the fridge.  I told him we had chicken in the fridge, he said he fancied chicken with bacon wrapped round it with pesto.  He had to do without as i had no pesto or bacon.  I did have the ingredients for the Hairy Dieter’s Paprika Chicken though.

The recipe introduction says that this dish is a low cal version of a Romanian dish called Paprikash.  It reminds me of the flavours of goulash but with chicken instead of beef.  I was keen to try it as the recipe picture looked mouthwatering and I know that it would go down well with my son and husband.

First, I fried the onions in a pan with a tablespoon of sunflower oil and then added the chicken to the pan. In the recipe it calls for 12 chicken thighs. I had 4 chicken breasts but I cut them into bite size pieces removing all visible fat.  After the chicken had browned, I added some garlic and smoked paprika to the pan, followed by a tin of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock, bay leaves and some mixed herbs.  It then had to cook gently for about 20 minutes.

While the chicken was bubbling away I chopped up 3 large peppers, these were different colours of red, yellow and green. They were added to the mixture and it carried on cooking for another half an hour.  The sauce was thickened up with a cornflour paste.

The Paprika chicken was served with 50g dry weight basmati rice per person.  The Hairy Dieters also suggest you could serve mashed potato with it and also top it with a spoonful of half fat creme fraiche but I didn’t do that.

Sadly I didn’t get the reaction I wanted to the meal.  My son turned his nose up at the Paprika Chicken as he said he didn’t like it.  My husband fished all the bits of chicken out and left all of the peppers, sometimes he likes them, other times he doesn’t.  Well at least I  liked it!

As I was so concerned about getting the dinner on the table, we were running late and were in a hurry, I completely forgot to take a photo of the meal.

The Paprika Chicken is to be found on page 91 of The Hairy Dieters Book: How To Love Food And Lose Weight.

Happy Cooking!
Sam xx

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