Choo Choo Chai Cake

On Saturday I went to York Clandestine Cake Club‘s event which was to be held in the restaurant of the National Railway Museum in York.  I was really looking forward to going as Rachel, the organiser had chosen such a super venue and a brilliant theme to be incorporated into cake!  A huge thank youContinue reading “Choo Choo Chai Cake”

Apricot and White Chocolate Cookies

Last week I was feeling a little bit nostalgic for my children’s baby and toddler hood. I think it was because my son reaches a big milestone next week, he officially becomes a teenager!  How I didn’t listen to people that said “Oooh savour every moment, time will pass quickly!”  Now both my children areContinue reading “Apricot and White Chocolate Cookies”

#ForeverNigella 25: Colourful- Risotto Alla Milanese

I love taking part in the latest #ForeverNigella blog hop.  I think this is number four of the ones I have taken part in but we are up to 25 now.  I look forward every month to see who is hosting the blog hop and doing the round up and also which is going toContinue reading “#ForeverNigella 25: Colourful- Risotto Alla Milanese”

Saved By Cake- Baking to Help Depression.

Last year I was over the moon when I spotted that Marian Keyes had brought out a cake baking book. I have read her books and love her sense of humour.  The books are perfect for taking away on holiday and whiling away the hours on a sunlounger!  The last part of the previous sentenceContinue reading “Saved By Cake- Baking to Help Depression.”

Rainbow Showstopper Easter Cake.

Last Tuesday evening I was intending to go along to one of my next door Clandestine Cake Club events. Although I am one of the organisers for the Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon Clandestine Cake Club, I love to try and get along to neighbouring clubs’ events if I can fit them in around work, homeContinue reading “Rainbow Showstopper Easter Cake.”

White and Dark Chocolate Easter Cake

Every Easter Sunday I like to have either a special Easter tea or a family roast lunch where we can forget eating healthy and have a little treat.  This year was no exception in our house.  I had my mum staying with us for the Easter weekend and we decided to stay in and haveContinue reading “White and Dark Chocolate Easter Cake”

Happy Easter! 2 Weeks Later Than Everyone Else!

  Don’t worry, I haven’t been on another planet for two weeks or been in prison or anything.  I did know it was Easter more than two weeks ago just that me being me, haven’t been able to get onto the computer to update my blog as often as I would like to.  So, althoughContinue reading “Happy Easter! 2 Weeks Later Than Everyone Else!”