Kids’ Cookery Club- Breakfast Smoothies

I love making smoothies but don’t always have the time to make them, especially during term time when I’m rushing off to work on a morning.  My kids love them too, especially when they can create their own.  A few years ago I bought a Kenwood Smoothie Maker which was worth it’s weight in gold.  It got used so much it wore out.  Eventually it was replaced by another blender and my children were pleased that they could make smoothies again.  If only their enthusiasm extended to them actually washing the jug out at the end without being asked to!

I also enjoyed making Smoothies a couple of times when I ran a Cookery Club at the school where I work as a teaching assistant.  One session was a smoothie making session, where we made three different smoothies, the other was part of a special breakfast session.  Both went down extremely well with the children and they enjoyed tasting the different flavours.

Here is a recipe for a Smoothie I make regularly at home and made for those Cookery Club sessions.  It is adapted from Annabel Karmel’s book 100 Family Meals from the My Kitchen Table series. It is a fab book for children learning to cook with their parents as well  as being very useful for ideas to cook for family friendly meals.  I use the recipes from it a lot at home.

Here is my version of Annabel’s Peach and Banana Smoothie.  Instead mine became a Raspberry and Banana one as I didn’t have peaches.

Serves 1 in a tall glass or two small child portions in a small tumbler glass.

150g raspberries,

I large banana chopped into chunks

1 small pot of strawberry or raspberry yoghurt (I used a strawberry Mullerlight one as that was all I had in the fridge)

1 tsp runny honey

100ml milk (for the children at school I used whole milk, but for us at home we only have skimmed!)

Prepare the fruit by just washing the raspberries in a colander and peeling the banana.  Chop the banana into big chunks and put the fruit into the smoothie blender.

Measure out the milk into a jug, pour into the blender and then add all the other ingredients.  Whizz the ingredients together until the lumps have come out of the smoothie.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!  Drink it straightaway for the best flavour.

Raspberry and Banana Smoothie.  I had this for my breakfast one morning and it was very filling!
Raspberry and Banana Smoothie. I had this for my breakfast one morning and it was very filling!

What smoothie flavours do you enjoy best?  My favourite smoothie is the Innocent Smoothie’s Pineapple, Banana and Coconut flavour. If I buy it though, it has always disappeared by the time I get round to drinking some!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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