Our Visit To The Blue Lagoon-Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland: top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember!

Iceland has always been one of those places to visit on my bucket list. I saw photos of the stunning scenery, the mountains and the clear blue lakes and just knew one day I had to go. Both my husband and I felt the same.  We got close to going a couple of times, including when we wanted to go somewhere to celebrate my 40th birthday but the flights never fitted in around our schedule.  I’m not complaining though, I did get to go to the Italian Lakes and Venice which was also on my bucket list!

Last year my son had the chance to go on a school trip to Iceland as part of his Geography GCSE course.  He just HAD to go although the rest of us in our family were wishing we could go too!  One of the things he got to do was to go to the Blue Lagoon, somewhere we wanted to go to when we were there.  Every time I saw pictures of it on the Internet I felt more and more determined to go.  Although it would mean the other tourists and local Icelandic folk seeing me in my swimming costume- ugh! My son loved the Blue Lagoon and when he came back from his trip I noticed something miraculous. He has always suffered from bad eczema but it had virtually cleared up after his spell in the Blue Lagoon.  I also think the lovely, natural healing water in Iceland also has something to do with it, though! The water in the Blue Lagoon is rich in minerals like silica and sulphur (a downside is that it smells like eggy farts!).  The water is delightful and warm where the temperature is usually between 37-39oC.

Outside the entrance to the Blue Lagoon.

We were so excited when we finally got to visit Iceland last month. We combined our four day trip with a visit to Canada. This took advantage of IcelandAir’s #mystopover campaign where you can break your journey for up to 7 days without an extra charge. So at long last I would get to visit the Blue Lagoon! Pre-booking is essential or advised. I didn’t know this until I looked on the website the day before to find out how much it would cost to get in.  It was a good thing I looked: on that day the Blue Lagoon was fully booked up. Luckily the following day they had a space at 4pm.  There were different packages, we chose the second cheapest, called the Comfort. For the time we went this cost us about 65 euros each.


The Blue Lagoon first came about in 1976 after a pool formed on the site from the waste water of the geothermal power plant that had just been built there.  In the early 1980’s people started to bathe in the pool after they found it might have healing powers.  By 1992 The Blue Lagoon company had been formed and turned into a bathing facility for the public. There is a strict hygiene code and you must shower before and after bathing in the Blue Lagoon.

When it was our time slot to go into the lagoon we were given an electronic tag which was on a wristband rather like a Fitbit. You use these to activate your locker and to record any drink purchases. We then went off to our respective changing rooms which were clean and spacious.  There were communal areas and private cubicles for changing into your swimwear.   Everyone before going in the Lagoon needs to shower carefully.  

At the poolside entrance there were racks where you could put your towels and robes. I just had a towel with me.  Even though I didn’t have my flip flops with me, I wish I had because some areas did look slippy, especially when walking down some steps.  I had left them in the locker in the changing room.  Even though there were a lot of people in the Lagoon, it didn’t feel crowded and I felt like I could swim around rather than just paddling! 

As part of our package we got a free drink included and two face masks.  It was hilarious when my son wanted a Slush Puppy drink but it was called Krap!  I didn’t feel  like asking “Can I have a Krap?” but the drinks were lovely.  I had a blueberry smoothie made with Skyr (Icelandic yoghurt). The face masks were an algae one and a silica gel one. The algae one  made me look like Shrek for about 5 minutes but my face felt lovely and smooth after.  In fact after a few days spent in Iceland, my skin felt wonderful.

We spent  over an hour in the Blue Lagoon and it definitely lived up to my expectations. We would love to go back to Iceland as there’s so much to see and do but it would be worth it just to go back to the Blue Lagoon!

Love Sam xx

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