#30daywritingchallenge: Day 3: My Pet Hates.

So, I’m on to Day 3 of my #30daywriting challenge. Today I’ve been asked to write about my pet hates or peeves. What would I put into Room 101 if I ever went on that show? I don’t like being a Moaning Minnie or a Victor Meldrew type but these things do wind me up. Some of these are just minor nuisances in the scheme of things but are sent to try us.

Slow drivers:

It would be lovely to have all the time in the world to crawl along at 30mph in a 60mph limit being totally unaware of the line of traffic you are holding up behind you. The rest of us stuck behind you have a job to do. Fair enough if you are driving a tractor or a lorry but if you are in an ordinary car which is capable of going at the intended speed limit for that road, please stick to it if the conditions allow you to.

Selfish drivers:

You would think from my previous grievance that I am a selfish driver. Far from it. I use indicators, I do not tailgate people even if they haven’t managed to find second gear up to now. I do not cut corners when turning into a junction and I let people out when merging in traffic. The selfish drivers I find are getting more and more common. The other week as I was driving along the York Ring Road being tailgated by an idiot driving an Audi, I wondered why he was behaving like this towards me. I was doing the speed limit and couldn’t drive any faster along that section of road. In fact it was a miracle I could get up to the speed limit along there! Usually that section of road is gridlocked!

Management Speak:

I really get wound up by phrases or words that are used in certain areas of society. You watch programmes like The Apprentice and see some of the stupid comments that the contestants use. Such as “I gave it 110% on that task” or “I was thinking outside the box!” What the hell does that mean? Other words which have changed their usage in the English language annoy me, too. A couple of years back it was all about sourcing. You would read sentences like “I source my ingredients locally,” For crying out loud! Why don’t you just say you buy them locally? Another irritating word I find is signposting. I went along to a teacher’s course once and the leader said “You could signpost parents to this information,” Why not say “show this information to the parents?” To me a signpost is something you see at the side of the road. And while we’re on the subject of roads, to me a journey is something you do in a car or on a bike. It is not a diet or reading a book!

Condesending people:

I am an intelligent person or I like to think I am and I hate being talked down to or treated as if I am thick. Too often I have seen this in various aspects of my life. From the snooty woman at my child’s playgroup who said “That’s hummous,” to me when I was serving the children’s snack on my parental rota duty. She obviously thought I was too “lower class” to know what hummous was. More recently I have seen condescending teachers and teaching assistants treat me as if I’m stupid because I’m a supply teacher. Some people think supply teachers are on supply because they can’t get a job. Not in my case. I choose to be a supply teacher and I do know how to use the Interactive White Board, thankyou very much!


People snoring really winds me up. I am married to a snorer and he won’t do anything about it. He thinks because he’s asleep and I’m lying wide awake listening to him rattling the windows that it’s ok. But it is not. Anyone who even shares a house, let alone a bedroom with a snorer is in for a wakeful night. I often think I’d get more sleep if I laid down next to the runway at Heathrow Airport!

British Weather:

I love the UK and living here but let’s face it our weather is dire. I don’t think I have to explain this to people as we all know what it’s like.

Getting up early:

I am not an early riser, especially in the winter. Who wants to get up when it is still dark? There should be a law against it. I don’t have any problem getting up in the summer but any time between the clocks going back and then going forward again is a big no-no with me.

Shops selling Christmas things from September and Easter things from January:

I know people like to be prepared but to me Christmas is in December. I might prepare and get a few things in November but why buy mince pies in September? I love Mini Eggs but not in January. I also get riled when all the summer clothes are in the shops when it’s still Winter. Then you find when you actually get to Summer and you want to buy a new bikini there are none left in the shops! Or who wants to buy wellies in August? It’s like the seasons don’t match.


When you are on Facebook and you want to look at an article. Only you can’t read the whole article because you are bombarded with pop-up ads which you have to sift through to even read one sentence. Or an advert pops up over the article and you have to sign up to read it. I’m sorry but this really puts me off and I end up giving up reading the article.

People who stand and block the aisles in supermarkets:

I know you sometimes bump into friends or people you know when you are out doing the weekly shop. But if I see anyone I know and start chatting to them I always think that there might be someone who is whizzing around the supermarket and needs to get to the milk. Too often I go around and see people having a good old chinwag with their trolleys blocking the whole aisle. I remember trying to get my Christmas food shop done and getting a mouthful off an old man because I said “excuse me” to him when he was stood in front of the cream. He then said I “was a nuisance” because I then asked him to move again (politely) so I could get some milk. Oooh, I am sorry but I thought the whole idea of a supermarket was to buy food!

Right, that’s enough of my whinging! What are your pet hates or peeves?

Love Sam xx

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