#30daywritingchallenge: Day 5 – Five Places You Want To Visit.

Here we are on Day 5. It’s easy to find the time to write when you are on school holidays but let’s see what happens when I get back to work next week! Never mind, I’ll see how it goes for now. Today’s subject is to write about five places that you would like to visit. I’ve always loved travelling and these places I’m going to mention are definitely on my bucket list. They’re not in any particular order but one day I will get there I hope.

Vancouver, Canada

I am fortunate to have been to Canada twice and am going again later this year. So Vancouver “might” be a reality depending on my travel arrangements. My brother and his family live in Alberta and have recently moved up into the Rockies. On my first visit to Canada in 2016 we went to Banff which was amazing but I am so excited about being able to see more of this wonderful country. My Mum went to Vancouver on her first visit to Canada and loved it, so I am determined to go there myself. It depends on time commitments and how the flights fit in around the train through the Rockies to the town where my brother and sister in law live.


Mr SmartCookieSam is Australian. His mum and dad went to live in Australia in the late 1950s as “ten pound poms” and he was born there just outside Melbourne. He and his parents came back to the UK when he was little, though and moved to Wales. His younger sister was born in the UK although she has been to Australia on holiday. He has an Australian passport which is really handy when we go on holiday. While myself and my children are standing in the EU Citizens queue at passport control at airports, Mr SmartCookieSam has already sailed through and is waiting at the baggage reclaim. He gets some lovely stamps in his passport whereas I have only had them when I’ve out of the EU. We keep meaning to go on holiday there but with the way things are in the UK at the moment I would be tempted to stay there. Also it would be great to see the sun more than on two days a year as it feels like here at the moment. Our ambition is to have our photo taken with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. This is because we have a photo of my late mother in law and also another photo of my sister in law in exactly the same spot 30 years later. Now to complete the picture, we need a photo there too!

Italy (to see more of it!)

I have been to Italy twice before. My first visit was in April 2007 when Mr SmartCookieSam and I went to Rome for a few days. It was a lovely break although we ended up having to move hotels and also nearly got killed by a crazy taxi driver who drove like a lunatic along the dual carriageway between Fiumicino Airport and the city centre. The driver saw a funeral hearse coming along in the opposite direction, took his hands off the steering wheel and made the sign of the cross! He also scraped a car wing mirror near the hotel.I was so shocked I said to Mr SmartCookieSam that we were getting the train back to the airport. Our second visit to Italy was a trip for my 40th birthday in July 2012 where we stayed in Lake Garda, Lake Como and also had a road trip up to the Stelvio Pass and a train trip to Venice. I loved it, although I wasn’t impressed with all the ants crawling around all over the food in the first hotel we stayed at. But, I love Italy and what I’ve seen of it and want to go back. I was so blown away by Lake Garda and Como that I want to see Lake Maggiore and also to go to cities like Florence and to Pisa. I also want to go down to the Amalfi Coast. I see pictures of these places or see programmes like Michael Portillo’s Continental Railway Journeys and it inspires me to want to go myself.


Now Norway isn’t really that far from the UK when you think about it but it’s not somewhere I would think of going for a summer holiday. Yet it is a stunning looking country. I always want to go down to the Med or to the sun in the summer as we just don’t get it in the UK. We plan to get on a ferry over there and drive around or go on one of the Fjord cruises. Our other thing is that Mr SmartCookieSam won’t fly from anywhere except Leeds Bradford Airport unless he has to as he doesn’t want all the extra driving on top of the flight. As far as I know you can’t fly to Norway from there at the moment so we tend to choose places we can get to from there for our summer holiday, such as Ibiza or Spain.

San Francisco

I’ve been to the USA twice but to the East Coast. San Francisco is one of those places I see on TV and in pictures and it just looks like an exciting place to visit with the street cars and the hills, etc. I’m not that bothered about the rest of California, although I would like to travel across America driving along Route 66. To Mr SmartCookieSam who drives a lot in his job, this would not be a rest for him. But it would be exciting and a great way to see the country. We just need the time to do it!

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