#30daywritingchallenge: Day 8- Something I Struggle With.

For today’s challenge I have been asked to talk about something I struggle with. As a teacher and a mum I always stress to my children that we all have talents. Some of us are good at writing, some are good at Maths, some are artistic, sporty or musical. It’s what makes each and every one of us special. If we were all the same, that would be very boring.

I’ve always been a perfectionist and think I’m definitely more of a creative type than a mathematical/ scientist type. And as for sports- forget it! My favourite subjects at school were all the creative ones like English, Art and Music and I loved French. But one thing I really wish I was good at, is Sports.

I hated PE at school. It wasn’t too bad in the Infants from what I remember but once I moved up to the junior school I hated it. In my second year in junior school (Year 4 nowadays) I had a male teacher. He was ok but I was scared of him the whole time. He was tall, like a giant and had a loud voice. He always seemed to shout at me. In our second week in school it was a lovely sunny afternoon so we had PE outside on the playing fields. We were playing tennis. I am so unco-ordinated and really struggled with hitting the ball. I just couldn’t hit the ball over the net to my poor opponent and it kept going into the net. The more I tried, the more I couldn’t do it. Then the teacher came up to me and started telling me off. He told me to go off and play with another group. This was a group of three children who had special needs. I got laughed at by a couple of the sporty types and they called me a “spac”. I was so humiliated. Back in the classroom for the remainder of the afternoon I just wanted to go home. The next week it was the same thing and I was singled out for being left-handed. Nowadays you just wouldn’t dream of ostrasizing a child for being left-handed and making them out that they are “different”. Since then I’ve found that being left-handed isn’t a disability, you just have different ways of doing things.

As I grew older, my dislike of PE stayed with me. It was because I was slow (last in all the races) and clumsy. The only sport I enjoyed and that was swimming. Suddenly I had kudos when I won a couple of races at secondary school in a swimming gala. I was normally the one that people would tease in the changing rooms. I’ve always loved swimming.

I’ve learned to cope with my daily struggles. I try to join in with ball games, etc on the beach or in the pool on holiday although most of the time I end up chasing the ball around the villa garden! It still winds me up when I think back to an insensitive comment made by a uni friend when I kept dropping a frisbee. One such person that said “Ohh butterfingers, you can’t catch it!” is now a headteacher! I hope she doesn’t say that to her students! In the end, I walked off to save even more humiliation. I try to laugh cruel comments off, like ones that my children come out with when they say Mum can’t throw very far. In the end I do activities which don’t require that type of co-ordination, such as going running or keeping up with the swimming.

Which activities do you find really difficult and wish you could do?

Sam xx

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