#30daywritingchallenge- Day 13: Five Things To Be Thankful For.

It’s now half way through April and I’ve got really behind on my #30daywritingchallenge posts. These last few days I’ve been back at work and trying to have a massive sort out at home. We need to get our spare room redecorated and also our office. It’s been my dumping ground for the past few years but I said I would sort it out if I could have a desk in it to do any planning and where I can keep my sewing machine. At the moment when my daughter is away at uni, I use her desk to put my laptop on. So far, so good and I have had a huge clear out of books. I think Mr SmartCookieSam thought he’d never see the day!

Day 13’s challenge is to write about five blessings in life or rather five things to be thankful for. I have a lot to be thankful for in life, even though sometimes when things do go wrong you always think everything is on top of you. Writing posts like these help you to focus on the positive and to make people realise that deep down what we think of as problems aren’t really that bad in the long run. Two weeks ago I didn’t feel too good and just felt like a big black cloud was over me. In fact, looking back thats exactly what it was. A big, black cloud! We have had such rubbish weather recently and one day it felt as if I hadn’t seen any light. The moment the sun came out I felt like a different person. Mr SmartCookieSam thinks SAD is a load of “b*******s” and it’s all in the mind but I don’t agree with him.

Fortunately now I am in the right place to think positively and to be honest I have struggled to list just 5 things that I’m thankful for. They are not ranked in order, either but show equal importance to me.

My health

I have been lucky (touch wood) that I have been a very healthy person and my only hospital stays have been to do with the birth of my children and I’ve had two routine day surgery procedures. My two pregnancies, apart from horrible morning sickness were fine and so were my children’s births. Apart from chicken pox age 12 I didn’t have any other childhood diseases as I was immunised against them. I get all the usual colds, coughs, bugs and all that really from being a teacher and being in contact with all those little kids and their lovely germs. For the past two years, though I have had a flu jab and that has made a difference. Apart from being a stone or so overweight (but I’m working on that) I’ve been blessed with good health. Whether that will change as I get older, I don’t know. But for now I am very grateful that I’ve been healthy.

My family and friends

I thank my lucky stars for my family every day. There are times when I’m sure Mr SmartCookieSam gets annoyed with me and the feeling can be mutual. Like yesterday when I was sorting out my prized collection of NordicWare bundt tins. To my husband he can’t see why I collect them and they just get in the way. I think for relationships to work you have to accept your partner warts and all and that they are not perfect. I am not perfect: no one is! Everyone has irritating habits and annoyances. I feel priveleged to have my two children as I honestly thought to be a mum would happen to someone else and not me. Again, no parent has the perfect children and when all is said and done, kids are kids. There are times when I’ve thought “Stop the world, I want to get off!” when my kids were going through the hormonal teenager stuff. Other people find the baby and toddler stage hard and demanding. I found it a doddle, compared to the teenage phase! I know that my kids are permanently embarrassed even by the sight of me and the other day I could see them both giggling taking photos of me on Snapchat and sending them to one another. But I’m slowly learning that it works both ways! As for friends, I feel very fortunate to have a fantastic set of friends all around me. As modern day life is very hectic, I don’t always see my friends as often as I should. That also applies to some members of my extended family. But when we all do get together for different occasions, it makes it all the more special.

My job

Although I find the nature of supply teaching very stressful, I love my job. The stress for me is the hit and miss aspect of it. One week you may be working all week, the next you only might have 2 days work. I like to know where I am going in advance and don’t really like the on the morning calls side of it. The same goes for not having any work in the beginning of the school year. I plan out my holiday for that time of the year and also do nursery nurse work in the quieter times to supplement my income. But I feel thankful for being able to do this job. I go into some fantastic schools and have worked with some lovely staff and children. I also feel thankful for having the work that I do. Though maybe when it is a freezing cold, dark January morning and you want to stay in bed, then maybe you feel different.

My environment

Although it has been a long, cold and miserable winter I feel fortunate to live where I do. I know it’s not been as cold as the temperatures my brother and his family are used to in Canada but we have had a long spell of it this year. Just yesterday afternoon I was sat outside in my back garden with a cup of tea for half an hour making the most of the sunshine. Every time we have a sunny day I try to embrace it and make the most of it. That doesn’t mean I go upstairs and put on a vest, shorts and flipflops (that would be a hideous sight!) but I have extra long walks with the dog or I sit outside to get some much needed Vitamin D. Mr SmartCookieSam and I were looking at the view from our back garden in the Vale of York. I told him that I had been waiting to do this since last September. Every sunny day to me is a true blessing.

My hobbies

I have to have my hobbies. They keep me relaxed and sane! I feel thankful that I can de-stress in my kitchen baking cakes and other treats as well as being able to relax with my cross stitch, knitting or crochet. At the moment I’m working on a couple of cushions for my sofa.

So there you have it, the five things I am thankful for in my life.

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