#30daywritingchallenge: Day 14- What’s In My Handbag!

This sounds like something you would see in a celebrity magazine. Only I bet most celebrities’ handbags aren’t as cluttered as mine. I love handbags but during the day I stick to a black leather one which my daughter bought for me when she used to work in Moda In Pelle. It ends up full of rubbish and getting very heavy. Every couple of weeks I think this is doing my head in and I clear it out, only for it to fill up again with pens and loads of receipts!

This is what’s in my handbag at the moment:

My purse which is usually full of coppers and receipts.

My ipad

My phone

Teacher things: my whistle for PE and break duty, a couple of different lanyards with ID cards on, another pin on ID badge and my USB stick.

My diary

Lots of different pens: biros in different colours and highlighters for marking, Sharpies and pencils. When I cleared out my handbag the other day I realised I had about 25 pens in the bottom of my bag. No wonder it weighed a ton!

I also carry my phone charger in my bag. If I leave it anywhere at home, it mysteriously disappears!

A half eaten packet of Strepsils from the last time I had a sore throat.

About four shopping lists folded up from the last times I’ve been food shopping

A book of half used second class stamps

A loyalty card for my hairdressers

Is your handbag as messy and as full of rubbish as mine?

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