#30daywritingchallenge: Day 24- Things That Make Me Cringe

This topic of today’s writing challenge got me thinking. I’m not a snob but I have standards and there are some things I turn my nose up at.


I’m a bit of a hypocrite here as I actually have a pair! Bright pink ones at that. I bought them about 10 years ago when I was in York city centre shopping. It had rained non stop for about 3 days and I needed to go into town. No way was I wearing wellies to walk around town in June. I went in wearing some black ballerina flats but half an hour later I regretted my decision and wished I had got my wellies on! I went into Jones Bootmaker and came out with a bright pink pair of Crocs. I think it was when Crocs were everywhere. They kept my feet dry as I walked around town. What does make me cringe is when people wear them instead of wearing proper shoes or sandals. They should only be worn on the beach or in the garden. I have seen people turn up to parent’s evening wearing them. I’m sorry but it’s not a good look. My Crocs get worn in the garden and that is it! It doesn’t look so bad if children are wearing them but on adults? No way!

Really orange fake tan

I have never used fake tan. Mainly because it looks so fiddly to apply and I know that if I did put it on I would have streaks everywhere or I would look like a big fat orange. I know fake tan has come on a lot in recent years and there are some good ones out there but when you see pictures of really bad fake tans, it does make me cringe. Last year I was due to go to the races with Mr SmartCookieSam and considered getting a fake tan because all the other women going along were regular fake tan users. I was worried I was going to look pale and pasty in comparison to them. Mr SmartCookieSam said not to because he thinks fake tans smell disgusting. I was more worried about the bed clothes turning orange!

Tacky Verses in Greetings Cards

I love sending cards but I’m very careful about the ones I choose. If I see that it has a slushy or sentimental verse inside it, the card stays on the shelf. They might appeal to some people, but not to me. A simple greeting, such as Happy Birthday is enough. Then I might add something like “Enjoy your special day,” but nothing else is needed.

Entertainers who think they’re funny but they’re not

Sometimes with Mr SmartCookieSam I get invited to dinner dances or awards dos with his work connections. A few years back we were at a conference in Dublin. We were in a fantastic hotel and had just enjoyed a delicious meal. We were having a great time until the after dinner entertainment came on. It was a comedian who thought it was funny to pretend to be Pavarotti on the night after the singer himself had died. I thought that was in extremely bad taste and no one found it funny. Another time we were subjected to the most cringeworthy Neil Diamond tribute act. We couldn’t escape to the bar quick enough. He was that bad that lots of others had the same idea.

So there you have it, the things that make me cringe! What things make you cringe?

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