#30daywritingchallenge: Day 25: What I’m Wearing Today.

I love my clothes and what a pity half the stuff in my wardrobe doesn’t fit me properly.  My fault for loving cakes and biscuits too much.  I love getting dressed up for a night out and wearing nice clothes.  I’ve always been a “girly girl” and like wearing skirts, dresses and heels just as much as slobbing around in jeans and a hoodie.

Today I’m not working.  This means that to begin with on a day at home I am in my old scruffy stuff to go out and walk the dog.  Usually this is a tatty old pair of faded jeans with a hoodie or a t-shirt which has seen better days.  On wet days it’s usually a pair of wellies or a pair of Ugg boots and in the summer I’m usually walking around in my Birkenstocks.   If I’m usually cleaning I stay in  my really scruffy jeans so that I don’t get bleach over my better clothes.

Today I am slobbing around at home in my old jeans and a hoodie.

When I get back in from the dog walking I usually put on some smarter jeans and a top.  My latest addiction is buying long sleeved Joules tops and I have several in different colourways.  In the summer depending on the weather I might wear a summer dress or a denim skirt with a vest top.  I daren’t wear shorts out in public as I look horrendous in them.  If I am going out, obviously that depends on the occasion.  Tonight I am going out to a quiz night in a local pub so I am staying in my jeans and Joules top.

Excuse the daft selfie of me drinking in Five Guys but it shows one of my favourite Joules tops.

For work days my clothes depend on what I am doing on that particular day.  I teach all the way through Primary school and also sometimes undertake shifts in day nurseries.  For my Nursery shifts for one of my agencies I work for I have a special uniform which I have to wear, consisting of a brightly coloured polo shirt and a fleece.  I have to wear these with black trousers and comfortable black shoes.  I tend to wear flat black ballerina pumps.  It’s more practical to dress like this when you are working with little ones, as your clothes can get messy and quite often you are sat on the floor of the setting when you are working with them.  If I’m in school I can afford to be a bit smarter.  I personally feel that being a teacher is a profession and you should dress smartly.  Obviously in a primary school it is difficult to wear a suit when you are cleaning up paints and tottering around in heels when you have playground duty but I do try to make an effort.

In work clothes, most probably on a day working in Upper Key Stage 2.
Two of my Joules work dresses.
Occasionally I might stop to grab a Costa Coffee on my way to work if it’s a long journey. 
Wearing one of my favourite Next dresses which is very practical for work.
My new winter coat, found in M&S, it’s a bit bright isn’t it?

I have a selection of loose, comfortable dresses which come from Next and Joules which are ideal for working in the classroom. I end up going to those shops, mainly for convienience as there is a big Next on the Vanguarde Retail Park in York which is really handy.  I’ve also ended up in Joules a lot more at the York Designer Outlet.  I can always find loads of nice things in there.  The winter dresses are usually teamed with opaque tights, boots or heels and in summer bare legs and smart sandals.  If I am working with the younger ones then the heels and sandals are usually replaced with ballerina flats or smart leather flip flops.   I also have some linen trousers in black, navy and white and they get used in the summer along with some summer skirts.  Unfortunately, the summer skirts haven’t had much wear.  I get them out every year and wear them maybe once if we have a bout of decent weather.  Here’s hoping for this year.

I’d love to be able to wear heels like this all the time at work as they make me look taller.  I haven’t worn these to work as they’d get ruined but I have navy and black versions of these Clarks Kendra Dime shoes.  They are so comfortable.

I tend to look at what other teachers are wearing if I’m in the same school.  If another teacher is wearing Birkenstocks or Fit Flops then I wear mine.  After all, you still want to be comfortable and stay smart and professional at the same time.  In the winter sometimes working in a school you don’t always feel smart and professional, especially if you are working in EYFS and you have to be outside in all weathers.  Thick trousers, thermals, a warm coat, gloves and a cosy scarf are definitely not to be forgotten in these situations.

Update- this was meant to be two days ago! I forgot to publish the post.

Sam xx

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