#30daywritingchallenge: Day 26: My Top 5 Favourite Foods.

As a foodie, a keen cook and baker of course all I think about is food. Whether I’m out shopping, making shopping lists or cooking the dinner, you are completely surrounded by it. I wish sometimes that I could have a personal chef that would do all my shopping for me and cook all the things I need, rather than the things I want or crave. Being a greedy guts it was hard to narrow this down to five things!


I first learned to make lasagne at school in Home Economics. I had never eaten it before. As I mentioned in a previous blog post about my horrible experiences of Home Economics lessons at school, it completely put me off cooking unless I had to. One of the lessons with the critical and nasty teacher we had involved making lasagne. We were asked to bring in a dish to make our lasagne in. My mum found a baking dish which she said was a lasagne dish. As I grew up I realised my mum was exactly right but the teacher said “You can’t use that, it’s too big!” It was rectangular but other people brought in circular ones. I didn’t have to break the lasagne up to fit in the dish but the others did, yet the teacher didn’t moan at them. She didn’t give me enough lasagne pieces to fit across the whole of the dish so that the sauce merged into one. When I brought the dish home we tasted it and despite it looking a mess it tasted ok. Mum said that we could try making it again another time at home. Ever since then I have made lasagne hundreds of times. Sometimes I’ve made awful ones, as my uni friends will tell me about when I tried to put broccoli in one and it came out rock hard! Lasagne was also what I cooked for Mr SmartCookieSam the first time he came round to my house for dinner. Trouble is my son doesn’t like it so I don’t make lasagne much at home any more. If I go out to eat at Little Italy in York for dinner, I always choose their lasagne as it is such a warm and comforting, authentic dish.

Pringles crisps

I can’t get enough of these. If someone buys some, that’s it once the tube is open, I can’t help myself. I don’t buy them myself, except at Christmas or if we’re having a cinema evening. If I did I’d eat the whole lot and more. What is it they put in Pringles, they’re so addictive? I’m the same with Kettle Chips and Seabrooks crisps.


I love blueberries and have them every day in one way or another. It might be on my porridge or with yoghurt or in a smoothie. I love them.

Wensleydale cheese

I never used to be a big cheese lover until I met Mr SmartCookieSam. He got me into eating cheese and crackers washed down with red wine. When I used to go over to his house he used to bring out his Danish Blue cheese with cream crackers. But I really started eating cheese when I got pregnant with my daughter twenty one years ago. Once the morning sickness stage went away and my appetite came back I found myself wanting to drink milk and eat cheese. I must have needed the calcium. I discovered Wensleydale cheese, which recently had been made popular by Wallace and Gromit. Now I still love it and it tastes fantastic with a slice of fruit cake in the true Yorkshire way.


Homemade or shop bought, I can’t get enough of these. If I bake any I have to put them straight in the freezer or hide them. I haven’t eaten a whole plateful as that is just too much but I could be easily swayed. I don’t know what it is about flapjacks, is it the chewy toffee like texture?

What are your top five favourite foods?

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