#30daywritingchallenge- Day 28: Annoying Habits

We all have annoying habits. Even people who think they are perfect have traits which winds other people up. In fact, to me being perfect is annoying. No one is perfect all of the time. I am not perfect and I have loads of annoying habits.

Playing with my hair

I would think this is my most annoying habit and I do it when I am wound up, nervous or near the time when I need a haircut. Last week I had a spate of playing with my hair and I think this was when I was feeling worried I wouldn’t have any supply teaching work come in for the rest of the week. It was also on the day I had taken my mum to Manchester Airport so she could fly to Canada to visit my brother. My hair went in for a battering as I worried we would get stuck in a traffic jam on the M62. Then I worried that she would have problems on the flight. Once I got back to work last Monday I felt a l. lot better. To stop myself playing with my hair I have started to put it up if I haven’t had time to straighten it properly. At the time of writing I’ve got it up in a clip. I used to play with my hair when I was at uni and I had longer hair so when the children were young I had it cut off to stop me doing it. But I think I look better with longer hair. That is also partly why I have to knit or do cross stitch when I am watching TV as it keeps my hands busy.

Tapping on the steering wheel in time to music as I’m driving

This irritates the hell out of my children if they are in my car. They think it’s embarrassing but I can’t help it if it’s a good tune I’m listening to. It also stops me from playing with my hair!

Interrupting people

I hate it when people interrupt me which happens a lot. I think it is really rude, disrespectful and shows that you don’t care about what the other person is saying, only about what you want to say. I only interrupt my immediate family but that is because I would never get a word in edgeways or have my say if I didn’t. Mr SmartCookieSam doesn’t like it and says “Will you let me finish?” but I know for a fact that if I did, then my son and daughter would then speak and I wouldn’t be able to say anything. So therefore, in order to be heard then I think I have to push my way in. When people interrupt me it is usually because what I have to say isn’t important to them, they just want to talk about what they want to talk about.

Looking at my phone too much.

I only look at my phone at breakfast time but I do not look at my phone at other mealtimes while I am eating unless I am eating alone. I usually look at my phone to look at BBC News over breakfast so it could be like how people read newspapers at breakfast time. But I insist that my children do not have their phones at the table for other meals. Occasionally I might bring my ipad to the table at the end of the meal to show something to Mr SmartCookieSam or the children but I feel that phones have no place at a family meal. Trouble is I am tempted to look at my phone a lot more since I got a smartphone as it is always pinging with notifications. Mr SmartCookieSam gets really annoyed by it as he uses his phone as a phone. He texts on it but doesn’t understand why I have emails, Facebook and the like on my phone. It does depend what mood I’m in. Some nights I’ll be checking my phone all the time and at other times I’ll leave it well alone hidden in my handbag. It is typical, though that the moment I put my phone away or accidentally leave it at home, is when I get an important work phone call or message.

What annoying habits do you have?

Sam x

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