#30daywritingchallenge: Day 29- Organised Or Messy?

It’s the second to last post of my #30daywritingchallenge and I have really enjoyed focussing on other things apart from writing about baking. It has been a great experience and taken me out of my writing comfort zone.

Today I have to talk about whether I am organised or messy? This is a difficult question to answer as I would say I am both these things! I am organised for work as I have to be. The same goes for at home but this does depend on my mood. I can be messy and untidy at other times.
In my job I have to be organised. I have to plan lessons when I am in a long term post and make sure I have all the resources and activities ready for the children. On a busy working day I have to be up and ready, showered, dressed and dog walked all by 7.15am. At the end of the day I have to remain focussed to complete my marking and preparations for the next day regardless of what is going on at home. I have to almost be blinkered like a shire horse and think that I don’t go home until it is done. If things are not done at home then that has a knock on effect at school and vice versa. Also, I make sure I am tidy in school as I am in other teachers’ classrooms. Some are tidier than others but I always leave a classroom exactly as I found it.

At home I used to be fairly organised when the children were younger and before I went back to work full time in a supply teaching role. When my daughter was a baby and I was a new mum there obviously were days when I didn’t get out of my scruffy tracky bottoms (I never stayed in my PJs all day apart from the first day after we came out of hospital) I knew jobs didn’t get done by themselves so I had to get going. It took me a while to get into a routine with the children as it does with all new parents. There were times when my house looked like a bombsite and other times when it was immaculate. Though I never forget one afternoon Mr SmartCookieSam came home from work early to find toys all over the lounge floor after I’d had my friends from the NCT group round. We went off to the park after a cup of tea leaving all the toys on the floor. My husband thought we had been burgled and couldn’t understand how children could make so much mess! That’s life, dear!

With cleaning and other housework it worked for me to have set days for doing certain jobs. Since I’ve been married I’ve always done my ironing on a Sunday morning unless we’ve been busy doing something else. When my children were little Mr SmartCookieSam used to take them out for an hour or so which gave me chance to crack on with it. Now I do the ironing when I can fit it in around everything else. We tend to have mainly a tidy house (Mr SmartCookieSam is a control freak like that) but I have clutter where I keep all my hobby stuff and with all my recipe books. I think I might be messy because sometimes I think, well I need that out first thing tomorrow so what’s the point of putting it away? Though Mr SmartCookieSam is trying to train me. I’ll never be a Stepford Wife though, and I don’t want to be. This is who I am!

So, in answer to the question “Organised or messy?” I’m both!

Sam xx

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