#30daywritingchallenge- Day 30: This Month’s Highs And Lows

Well April has been a funny old month. It has gone quickly in some ways, yet dragged in others. For my final post in the #30daywritingchallenge I am to reflect back on the month and share it’s highs and lows with you. It has been great fun writing these posts, although in the last ten days or so I have had limited time to devote to them. That is why I’m sharing them all at once, on May 6th!

April’s Highs:

  • Having my daughter back from uni for the Easter holidays and having some special mum and daughter time with her. This included a day out in York where we went for lunch and cocktails.
  • Meeting up with friends during my school Easter holidays from the Clandestine Cake Club and putting the world to rights over tea, coffee, cake and lunch!
  • A few teaching supply days in some lovely schools in my area.
  • Baking cakes and getting lovely compliments about them.
  • Booking my flights to go and visit my brother, sister in law, nephews and niece over in Canada in September. Always wonderful to have a holiday to look forward to.
  • Been out for a couple of meals with Mr SmartCookieSam which has been great to go out on our own as a couple.
  • Great to finally see signs of Spring, such as the blossom on the trees, daffodils and to see lambs frisking about in the fields.
  • The three or four days where we had gorgeous weather and made our spirits rise!
  • Always lovely to sit outside and eat a delicious salad after months of comfort eating in the cold and wet weather.

April’s Lows:

  • The awful weather at the beginning and the end of the month, which has been cold and wet, making me feel really low.
  • Not doing very well at my diet as a result of it being cold and wet and me feeling like comfort eating.
  • Saying goodbye to my Mum at Manchester Airport as she goes away for two months to Canada to see my brother. So glad for Facebook Messenger, Facetime and What’s App but I know she’ll have a ball visiting them and it will be my turn in September.
  • Not having as much income this month as I have had the Easter holidays for the first two weeks of April. As a supply teacher I only get paid when I work!
  • Running over a pheasant who shot out in front of me as I was driving down a country lane on my way home. I had no time to stop and the pheasant damaged the front grill of my car. Thankfully it was mended the very next day.
  • The damage that the pheasant did to the kidney grill on the front of my car.  Thankfully it was easy enough to fix and the new part only cost £33.  I’ve heard of people having to pay hundreds of pounds of damage.

    Although my mum is having a lovely time visiting my brother and his family in Canada, it was still a bit emotional saying goodbye to her at Manchester airport.  She’s away for two months.

As I type, it is now May 6th and we are bathed in glorious sunshine. We have lots to look forward to. Life goes on.

Sam xx

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