Chilli Beef Pasta Bake.

Every time I make a pasta bake for dinner, it always goes down well. This one has been no exception. From the second Eat Well For Less book, this is a perfect family meal which everyone will love. We had some minced beef lurking in the freezer from before Christmas and some penne. I always have tinned tomatoes in my storecupboard. The meat sauce part was a basic chilli con carne recipe but instead of rice, the pasta was mixed with the sauce and baked with a cheesy topping in the oven.

The recipe suggested using celery but my family don’t like it. I needed something else to add to the meat along with the onions and found a yellow pepper and a courgette which needed using up. Having said that, no one else likes courgette in our family, either but there was no way I was going to let it go to waste!

The meat sauce took about 40 minutes simmering away on a low heat and the penne was cooked until “al dente”. When both parts were ready I mixed them together and got the cheesy topping ready.

I put the mixture into my lasagne dish so it was ready for the topping. Unfortunately the pasta went right to the top and it was very difficult to spread the topping over it. The topping consisted of grated cheese and full fat Greek Yoghurt. Personally, I wasn’t impressed with the Greek yoghurt added to it as it then began to separate and made the pasta look awful.

The pasta bake came out of the oven about 20 minutes cooking time. It could have done with 5 minutes longer, to be fair but it tasted delicious.

The pasta bake easily served four people with some side salad but we found that there was plenty left over. Although the cheesy topping had all but disappeared, there was enough to put in a foil container for the freezer. Great for a standby meal for one or two people in the next coming weeks!

I’ll definitely be making this again but without using the Greek yoghurt.

Love Sam xx

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