Salmon, Pea and Broccoli Frittata

It’s been one of those days where everyone was working late. Usually the first person home gets the dinner started. Tonight that didn’t happen. I finished work at 6.00pm and had a 40 minute drive home round the heavily congested York ring road. I phoned my husband as I left work to find he was also 40 minutes from home and had to go out for a meeting at 7.30pm. So the chippy won tonight!

This time last week was a completely different story. I was still on holiday after Christmas and had time to prepare the dinner. My son was at work so it was just dinner for my husband, my 21 year old daughter and myself. As my son is a fussy eater and would eat when he got in from work, cooking something he doesn’t like when he’s not around worked well here.

The Eat Well For Less books are proving really useful and giving me some great tips for delicious, yet easy and budget friendly meals. A frittata is a great way of making a filling meal which doesn’t break the bank. The recipe for Smoked Salmon, Pea and Broccoli Frittata is (according to the recipe introduction): “a cheap, yet upmarket and filling way to make a quick meal from half a dozen eggs. If you don’t have smoked salmon to hand, you can substitute chicken or ham,”

When I had gone food shopping a couple of days earlier, I had bought some hot smoked salmon pieces so they would go perfectly in the frittata. I like the idea that you can add in whatever vegetables, meat and fish that you have to hand.

To prepare the ingredients for the frittata, I chopped broccoli up into small florets that would cook quickly.

The hot smoked salmon flakes were also chopped a little bit smaller.

I also chose to add half an onion to my frittata as it needed using up. This, along with the broccoli pieces was stir fried in some rapeseed oil for about 3 minutes. After the vegetables had softened a little, I added some peas to the pan.

In a large measuring jug I cracked six eggs and beat them. I then added some milk, salt and pepper as well as the smoked salmon flakes.

I don’t have an ovenproof frying pan so I greased a pie dish and poured in the frittata mixture. As the frittata was similar in texture to a crust less quiche, I thought that my pie dish was a good substitute.

However, I found that the frittata took a lot longer to cook than the recipe stipulated. It was nearer 25 minutes, over double the cooking time of 12 minutes suggested.

After about 20 minutes in the oven I noticed the edges of the frittata were definitely done but the middle was very runny. The photo below shows what it looked like because I had had to poke it in the middle to test it.

We were very impressed with the frittata and both my husband and daughter had seconds. I cooked it with some jacket potatoes and some green beans. I will definitely make frittata again.

Have a great day.

Love Sam xx

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