Minced Beef Filo Pie

I’ve really enjoyed today. Even though it has been cold, windy and wet up here in Yorkshire, I have managed to get a few jobs done as well as sitting down by the roaring fire watching TV.

Tonight’s dinner called for comfort food. It’s also my daughter’s last weekend before she goes back to uni. My son has this weekend off work as well so it has been a great chance to be at home having some family time. This Minced Beef Filo Pie was a great success and so simple to make.

To make the minced beef filling, I chopped up a red onion and fried it along with 500g of lean minced beef. When the mince had browned and the onion softened, I added some water and a beef Oxo cube as well as a pot of JD Seasonings Doner Kebab herbs. I know Doner Kebabs are usually made with lamb but the herbs and garlic in it looked like it would complement beef as well.

When the meat filling has simmered for a while (I didn’t keep track of the time), I transferred it to a pie dish.

I used half a pack of Jus Rol filo pastry to top the pie. It had defrosted to room temperature. When it was time for me to put the lid on the pie, I cut four sheets of filo pastry in half. Before scrunching each piece of pastry up, I brushed it with some rapeseed oil and put it on top of the minced beef mixture. About eight scrunched pieces was enough to cover the top of the pie.

The pie went into the oven and baked for about 25 minutes on 170oC in my fan oven. The top came out crispy and smelled wonderful.

I made some mash, carrots and spring greens as well as some onion gravy to go with our pie. I was impressed with how it turned out and will definitely make this again. I think a filo topped pie can be a lot lighter than a shortcrust pastry one. This was ideal comfort food and my husband said the same thing to me. We opened a bottle of red wine to go with it. Well it is the weekend! I reckon this pie would work well with different fillings. I will have to experiment and report back.

Have a great night.

Love Sam xx

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