Chocolate Nut Porridge

Another winning breakfast idea from Eat Well For Less which I can definitely recommend. I’ve never thought to have chocolate flavour porridge before, even though I remember seeing it in the shops. But my mouth was watering at the thought of chocolate last Saturday morning as I contemplated a warming and soothing bowl of comfort food before tackling all of the chores at home.

The recipe introduction for the Chocolate Nut Porridge which can be found in Eat Well For Less: Quick And Easy Meals, tells us that it is a “deliciously decadent-tasting breakfast that ticks all the boxes for a cold winter’s morning, you’ll be surprised by how healthy it is,” Chocolate never appears on my healthy register but I am all for having a little of what you fancy. I’ve spent years of dieting, only to crave the things I’m cutting out. The chocolatey flavour is actually from cocoa powder.

The recipe serves 6 but it was only going to be me eating it so I had to divide the recipe by six. Even me, with my hearty appetite couldn’t manage to scoff six portions of porridge. I’m not Goldilocks!

First, I weighed 40g porridge oats into my small saucepan.

I then added half a tablespoonful of cocoa powder to the pan and stirred it around to mix in with the porridge oats.

The third ingredient to be added is some milk. I always use skimmed milk as other types of milk make me feel sick. The recipe suggested using semi skimmed.

The pan of oats, cocoa powder and milk was then put onto the hob on a medium heat.

The porridge was then brought to the boil and kept simmering on the hob while I got the rest of the ingredients ready. I added in a tablespoonful of peanut butter and a teaspoonful of honey until the porridge was thick and creamy.

To finish off, I added some chopped pecan nuts and some frozen mixed berries. The recipe suggested using hazelnuts which go perfectly with chocolate (thinking of course of Nutella) but I didn’t have any so pecans were the next best thing.

I was extremely impressed with the porridge and it was absolutely gorgeous. I am definitely going to try it again.

Have a great day.

Love Sam xx

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