Pot Roasted Beef with Roast Potatoes

I’ve had a wonderful Sunday. Very chilled and relaxing. I started off early this morning taking my son to work and came back to bacon and eggs cooked by my hubby. After that I caught up on the ironing, cleaned the bathrooms and then went off out for the afternoon with Mr SmartCookieSam. Although cold, the winter sun was gorgeous and it really cleared the cobwebs. Then home to a nice cup of tea in front of the fire with my cross stitch.

Normally I cook a Sunday roast or a casserole in the winter ready for when my son is home from work. But today I decided to make a pot roast with a joint of beef topside bought in Morrisons the other day. The idea came from the second book Eat Well For Less: Family Feasts On A Budget which is a fantastic book crammed full of meals everyone loves in my house. It would go in my slow cooker while I sat chilling out with my cross stitch. Then later I would make some roast potatoes and cook some green veg, along with some Yorkshire puddings.

I put the joint of beef straight into the slow cooker. The original recipe says to brown it first but I never bother with that. To the beef I added two chopped parsnips, a large chopped leek and two large, chopped carrots. I then poured on 350ml of hot beef stock. The recipe also said to add two sprigs of rosemary to the pot but I didn’t have fresh herbs. Instead I added a tablespoonful of dried rosemary. I’ve never really used rosemary with beef before but I love its aroma. It’s a gorgeous smell.

Leaving the beef to do it’s stuff for a couple of hours on the slow cooker’s high setting, I went through to the lounge and carried on with my cross stitch. By 5.30pm after 1 1/2 hours, the delicious smell was beginning to waft through the house. Time to get the roasties on. I always parboil my roasties for ten minutes, drain them and toss them about so they get a fluffy edge to them. Then they go into the oven to roast for about 50 minutes in some olive oil. I only use goose fat at Christmas. I’ve tried dry roasting and using Fry Light spray for my roasties but I never get the same effect.

Then I prepared and steamed some spring greens and got the Yorkshire pudding ready. The gravy was the original beef stock that the pot roast cooked in plus a couple of tablespoonfuls of gravy granules to thicken it up.

At 7.15pm finally everything was ready. Mr SmartCookieSam came home with our son from work and he sliced the roast beef for me.

We totally agreed that the beef pot roast had been a massive success. It will definitely be on our Sunday dinner menu in the future instead of me roasting it in the oven. It tasted much nicer than roast beef in my opinion. The only thing I forgot was that we had run out of horseradish sauce so we had mustard instead to accompany our beef. Dijon mustard for me and it had to be Colman’s English mustard for my hubby.

Have a great evening!

Love Sam xx

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