Bean Enchiladas

I’ve been in a right tizzy today. Although I’ve only been at work this morning, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken catching up. I’ve also been trying to do some research into a change of career. All pie in the sky at the moment but we’ll see.

My husband was going to be picking my son up from work so I was in charge of getting the dinner ready. I’d been faffing about and then realised I’d better sort it. We love Mexican food in our house and Enchiladas always go down well. What I was worried about was that my meat loving husband and son would turn their noses up at it because it was going to be a meat free one. Not a vegan or vegetarian version either, though as it was topped with cheese!

After cutting my finger with my new vegetable knife when chopping up an onion and two peppers, I fried them in some olive oil. Luckily the cut wasn’t too bad and after stopping the flow of blood and sticking a plaster on, I added some passata, three left over chopped cherry tomatoes that were on the turn and two cans of beans. One was a mixed three bean can and the other one was just full of black beans. Finally I found the remains of some frozen vegan hoisin duck which my daughter had left in the freezer from when she was home for uni over Christmas. I also added some Schwartz Fajita spice to the pan.

When I went to the fridge to get the packet of wraps out I noticed that the packet was open and there were only six out of eight wraps left! My son must have had a couple of them yesterday! It didn’t matter as there were enough for the three of us as two Enchiladas each is more than enough for me. It also meant I only needed one dish. I spread ready made salsa on the bottom of my oblong lasagne dish and then put the Enchiladas together. Finally they were topped with the remaining salsa and sprinkles with grated cheese.

I ended up with the Enchiladas staying in the oven a bit longer than planned as I was waiting for my son and husband to get in from work. They didn’t get home until nearly 7.45pm. I served this with a bag of mixed salad and some guacamole on the side.

No one commented on the lack of meat and the abundance of beans! I’ll definitely,ale this again.

Have a great night.

Love Sam xx

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