Frozen Fruit Bites

Last week I had some fruit and Greek yogurt which needed using up. I was looking for a different way of getting my calcium and fruit intake in, as well as something sweet to have handy in the freezer for when you feel like you need something. It’s been such a crazy week here that I’ve only just got round to writing about them here!

These frozen fruit bites from Eat Well For Less: Quick And Easy Meals were a perfect idea. You can make a batch of these bites and keep them in the freezer for when you feel like a snack to keep you going. The only problem I found is that you have to let them soften slightly before eating as they are difficult to eat completely frozen. Unless you attach a lolly stick to them of course!

I had a few half used packs of frozen fruit which needed using up. They were taking up space in my freezer. To make this recipe, I needed a total of 360g of fruit. I had some blueberries, raspberries and mangoes going spare.

To start with, I put the whole of the large carton of Greek Yoghurt into a mixing bowl and mixed it with two tablespoonfuls of runny honey.

When this was mixed in, I then had to add the frozen fruit to the bowl. Only half the fruit was added as I needed the rest to stick on the top of the bites so that they would be on show. I put the fruit and yoghurt mixture into muffin size paper cases which I had put inside a 12 hole muffin tin. The mixture was meant to come halfway up the case so it was easy to peel away when it was frozen.

Before freezing, I then added the remaining fruit to the top of the bites. I then made space in the freezer to pop them in. There wasn’t much space to be honest as I have a really small freezer. A couple of hours later I brought the bites out of the freezer, removed them from the tin as well as peeling away the muffin papers. They were then put into a plastic tub to go back into the freezer until needed.

I think this recipe could easily be adapted using different flavour yoghurts and fruit to suit your own tastes. I bet it would be great with nuts or dried fruit in as well.

Have a great evening!

Love Sam xx

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