Turkey Burgers

I must admit I’ve never fancied turkey burgers before. The other day I was shopping in Morrisons and spotted turkey mince on special offer for only £2.00 for a 400g pack. I’ve used turkey mince for meatballs and bolognese sauces before but never attempted to make a burger with them before. My burgers can be a bit hit and miss and I hate frying anything. But I’m also willing to have a go.

In Eat Well For Less: Family Feasts On A Budget there is a recipe for Naked Turkey Burgers which basically means it is deconstructed so you don’t have to have lots of additions and bread with it. I liked that idea as I want to cut down on all the rubbish. Which is great in theory. But when you have had an extremely long day at work then the bag of frozen chips lurking at the bottom of the freezer has a massive appeal. Last Friday I was the first person in from work (and that was at nearly 7.00pm!) So I just thought I’d get myself sorted with assembling some burgers and phoned Mr SmartCookieSam to see what he was up to. He was on his way home and when I said we were having turkey burgers I don’t think he sounded that enthusiastic!

The burgers were actually quite easy to make and contained not only the minced turkey, but chopped spring onions, some grated cheddar cheese, an egg yolk and some salt and pepper to taste. I mixed them all together in a large mixing bowl and then shaped the mixture into four large burgers. As my daughter is at uni, there’s only three of us at home at the moment. So my son and husband ended up sharing the spare burger. I then had a look to see what I could put with the burgers.

The serving suggestion in the Eat Well For Less book is to make some sweet potato wedges with salad. I love sweet potato but my husband doesn’t like it. My son is ok with it but only under sufferance. I was too tired for any whining and moaning, let alone even slicing up sweet potatoes to make wedges. So I resorted to the frozen French fries lurking in the freezer. I had a little bit of guacamole left from the Bean Enchiladas we had the other day, as well as a tub of coleslaw. All I needed was some salad.

Meanwhile, Mr SmartCookieSam and my son got in from work and they had stopped at the local Co-Op on the way home. They had some burger buns which unfortunately make me all bloated and feel awful but I was so tired and hungry I didn’t give a monkeys. I’m ashamed to say the whole bread bun slid down!

I pre-heated the grill to cook the turkey burgers which was completely ignoring the recipe. In the recipe the burgers should have been cooked on a griddle pan or fried. I wasn’t concentrating and when I tried to turn the burgers over, they stuck to the wire mesh part of the grill. I was crying with frustration by now and wishing I’d thought sod it why didn’t we get a Chinese takeaway? Mr SmartCookieSam took over, scraped what he could of the burgers and put them onto another tray. We couldn’t grill them so they ended up being oven baked for the rest of their time cooking.

Despite the stressful cooking experience, the burgers tasted fine. I think I would probably make them again but in the summer when it’s a nice day and we can get the BBQ going.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Love Sam xx

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