Winter Vegetable Soup

A new month and it’s a new set of books to cook and bake from. This time I’m using my much loved Hairy Bikers and Hairy Dieters books to help us with my meal planning and baking throughout February. It will be a bit difficult towards the end of the month as I am going to have a procedure on my foot but I’m sure when I’m up to standing up I’ll be raring to go in the kitchen.

This morning I decided to make some soup. I love homemade soup and wanted to have some for lunches this week at work. All I need is some fruit and yoghurt and I’ll be ok. The first Hairy Dieters book is fantastic and has been used constantly since I bought it a few years back. I looked to their vegetable soup recipe for a basis for my winter vegetable soup. I chopped a large onion, two large parsnips, three carrots, some butternut squash and the remainder of a swede and threw them all in my slow cooker.

Along with the vegetables I poured in some vegetable stock and seasoned it with some salt, pepper and a teaspoonful of dried Mediterranean herbs. I then left the slow cooker to work it’s magic for about four hours.

At one o’clock I came downstairs after doing some schoolwork to a delicious aroma of vegetables cooking. I switched the slow cooker off and gave the soup time to cool down before ladelling it in batches into my blender to purée it. I have often thought about buying a soup maker. My mum loves hers but until I get round to buying one, I’ll make do with my blender.

I had a bowl of soup for lunch and was very impressed with the flavour. The carrots and parsnips gave it a natural sweetness. I could have added some garlic or dried chilli but the Mediterranean herbs lifted it. I asked Mr SmartCookieSam if he wanted any but he refused, being still full up from his late cooked breakfast that morning. That’s probably as well as he doesn’t like parsnips or butternut squash!

Have a great evening.

Love Sam xx

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