Rosemary Roasted Wedges

Well, hello everyone and I hope you’re having a great weekend. February is well underway now but I’ve not kept up with my blogging so far. I’ve had a very busy week at work and when I’ve got home I’ve been absolutely shattered. I haven’t even had the energy to do my cross stitch and that’s a real shame as it normally keeps me sane!

This month I had planned to use recipes from the six Hairy Dieters books to help inspire me with my meal planning and all things SmartCookieSam. This hasn’t gone to plan. Normally I do my weekly shop on a Friday but I was away overnight at a gig with my friend so Mr SmartCookieSam did the honours. Of course it wasn’t originally what I’d planned to cook but I was very grateful all the same. So this week I’m back to some normality.

Tonight we have had a relaxing dinner. I went out this morning to do a food shop at the fabulous Lister’s Farm Shop in Boroughbridge. It’s a great shop as their meat, fruit and vegetables are of exceptional quality. I stocked up on meat for the freezer as well as some fresh, seasonal vegetables. One thing I did treat ourselves to was an oven ready spatchcock chicken which can come with a variety of delicious marinades. I chose a garlic and herb one and thought it would be perfect for our dinner tonight.

At 5pm I put the spatchcock chicken into the preheated oven. I have a Rangemaster cooker and usually roast joints in the left hand, smaller oven but this time I chose to roast the chicken in the fan oven.

Now this is where I looked to one of my Hairy Dieters books for inspiration. Usually we have had a marinaded spatchcock chicken in the summer and served it alongside a salad. It’s definitely not salad weather at the moment here in North Yorkshire! I decided on some roast potatoes with other vegetables but ended up plumping for these beauties.

Rosemary Roaste Potato Wedges sounded like a perfect option to go with the chicken. New potatoes, quartered and tossed in olive oil. Roasted in a pan with dried rosemary, salt and pepper sprinkled on. I was meant to add garlic as well but didn’t want to over do it, what with the garlic and herb dressing on the chicken. These were put into the fan oven about halfway through the chicken’s cooking time. After about 15 minutes I went back to check on the potatoes and tossed them to give them an even coating.

The potatoes were absolutely delicious and were exactly what I wanted to go with the chicken. They were so simple to make and I found new potatoes were really tasty even though it isn’t really the season for them.

Enjoy your night!

Love Sam xx

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