TasteCollectiv- Fresh Romesco and Pesto Sauces.

Last Tuesday afternoon another lovely treat arrived from the BBC Good Food Show by courier.  I was so excited to get samples of a brand new product that would be launching a few days later at the Good Food Show in Harrogate, which was a Pesto sauce and a Romesco sauce.  Mark and Victoria will be launching these delicious sauces through their company TasteCollectiv.

My lovely samples of fresh Pesto Sauce and Romesco Sauce from Taste Collectiv.

 I couldn’t wait to try them out on my family. It was going to be a real Mediterranean themed week for dinner in our house as that very night I had planned Spaghetti Bolognese. But what could I do with the sauces I was given?

The Romesco sauce was the first we tried last Thursday night.  Containing piquillo peppers, extra virgin olive oil, ground almonds, paprika, sherry vinegar, roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic and sea salt it was a perfect kick to add to any pasta or even to a chicken dish.  I had not come across Romesco sauce before and found out that it originates from Catalonia.  In my ignorance I thought it was Italian.  I loved the sauce and will definitely be buying more of it.

I chose to make some Romesco and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken breasts. This is a recipe I make at home a lot but with pesto sauce as once you’ve stuffed the chicken it just cooks itself.  Apart from the sauce getting a bit runny when mixed in with the meat juices and the cheese it tasted fantastic and went down well with Rosemary roasted new potatoes and salad.

A teaspoonful of Romeso sauce and a slice of  mozzarella went inside the chicken breast and then the rest went on top of it. It then went in the oven for about 30 minutes.

The finished Mozarella and Romesco Chicken. The sauce went a bit runny but it tasted fantastic.

 I used the Pesto Sauce last Saturday night in a recipe which is in Mary Berry’s latest book Foolproof Cooking.  It’s called Express Bacon and Pesto Pasta, only I didn’t use bacon. I used chopped ham and instead of tomatoes, I chopped up two peppers.  This was a fantastic way of using up storecupboard ingredients and tasted delicious. 

An adaptation of Mary Berry’s Bacon and Pesto Pasta, only mine had ham in it instead!

 The pesto was the best I had ever tasted and was packed full of Pecorino Sardo cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, pine nuts, roasted garlic and sea salt.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of TasteCollectiv in the future.

TasteCollectiv’s bold and impressive packaging for their Romesco and Pesto sauces which were launched at the Good Food Show in Harrogate.

 I was given the samples to try for free. All opinions are my own.

The Bursary Award Winners at The Good Food Show Harrogate.

Last Friday as part of my role as a Community Blogger at the Good Food Show in Harrogate, we were given a tour of the show.  This gave us a brilliant chance to see local, Yorkshire producers as well as some new faces at the show.  I have been to the Good Food Show every year since it started in Harrogate but this year it has been wonderful to see some new producers who have a great chance to showcase their wares.

The Good Food Show Bursary Award Scheme is managed by Katy Truss and aims to reward small, independent producers with a free opportunity to attend the BBC Good Food Show.  Any producers that were interested had to make a special application and there were a limited number of places for each Good Food Show event around the UK throughout Autumn 2015 to Summer 2016.  Four winners were picked for the Harrogate Good Food Show.

Sweetieatie Artisan Caramels and Confections

Sweetieatie make delicious handcrafted caramels and caramel sauces and are based in Standish, near Wigan. My personal favourites were the Sea Salted Caramels and the Mint Caramels.  My family and I couldn’t get enough of them. The two beautifully packaged bags I bought back from the show got eaten very quickly.  I also got to sample some of the Cracked Black Pepper Caramel Sauce on the stand and was very impressed with the flavour.


Sweetieatie’s scrummy Mint Chocolate and Sea Salted Caramels. They didn’t last very long in our house, I can tell you!

Sweetieatie’s stand at the Good Food Show which shows all their caramels and their caramel sauces all beautifully packaged.

 For moree information go to :www.sweetieatie.com



Patrick Macarons and Patisserie

Patrick Macarons showcases beautiful French macarons in a display of colours and tantalising flavours.  All of the Community Bloggers were very impressed with the Macaron Man’s (as he is affectionately known) stand and products.  As I personally find macarons tricky to make I was bowled over by the beautiful displays and the mouthwatering flavours.  I’m looking forward to trying some of these macarons in the future. Patrick Macarons are based in Hull.

The Macaron Man himself very kindly posed for a photo behind his delectable macarons.

Just gorgeous and photogenic. Patrick’s Macaron’s were displayed beautifully in these gorgeous containers.


Awards and certificates on display. It was great to see that the Macaron Man has also recently been featured in the Yorkshire Post.

  To find out more about the Macaron Man, please see: www.macaronman.com



Amos and Tom’s Gourmet Popcorn

All my family love popcorn, especially when we have a cinema night and this would be a perfect, alternative treat for us.  I loved the Salted Caramel flavour, a wonderful blend of sweet and savoury in the same bite! Amos and Tom’s Gourmet Popcorn is handcrafted in the Yorkshire Wolds and they pride themselves on being the first gourmet popcorn producers in Yorkshire. They also use the finest mushroom corn to pop with along with another local product, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.  I am looking to try more flavours in the future as what I tasted was just gorgeous. 

Amos and Tom’s Gourmet Popcorn. A far cry from the tasteless popcorn you get at the cinema!

  For more information see: amosandtoms.co.uk

Twitter: @amosandtoms

Facebook: /amosandtoms

WooHa Brewing Company

The WooHa Brewing Company is a micro brewing company based in Nairn near Inverness. They brew four different drinks: Porter, Lager, IPA and a Wheat based beer. I had just downed some gin at another stand at the show and was worried about mixing my drinks, so unfortunately didn’t get to taste any of WooHa’s products.  I liked the look of the packaging and would like to try their products in the future.  I can imagine the lager or the wheat based beer would go down very well with both my husband and I after a busy day in the garden and if we’re having a summer BBQ. 

WooHa’s ale stand had a big crowd around it when I saw it.  I’m hoping to try out their ale in the future when I haven’t already drunk a glass of gin!

  For more details and to learn about WooHa’s brewing process see: woohabrewing.com

Twitter: @woohabrewing

Facebook: /woohabrewingcompany

All opinions are my own based on my experience at the Good Food Show last Friday.

My Day At The BBC Good Food Show Harrogate 2016.

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to join the Community Blogger team for this year’s Good Food Show in Harrogate. I jumped at the chance. It is the show’s third year running in Harrogate and to me, virtually on my doorstep living in North Yorkshire.  I have been posting about some of the wonderful local producers that were going to be exhibiting this year and was also looking forward to discovering new things.

The show this year ran from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April but I chose to go along on the Friday and took my husband along as my guest.  He’s never been to the Good Food Show before, I’ve usually gone with friends.  I was in a hurry to get to Harrogate for 9am as I wanted to be there to see Tom Kerridge opening the show. Luckily as it was the school holidays traffic into town and along Wetherby Road was fine. Normally it’s a nightmare but parking for us in the Victoria multistorey and a walk down the road to the HIC was fine for us and we got there just in time.  Unfortunately I missed taking a photo of Tom Kerridge cutting the ribbon as I was waiting to pick up my pass. Still I managed to sneak a couple of photos of him throughout the day.


Wandering around at 9am was much more pleasurable than fighting off the crowds later. It meant you could go up to stall holders and chat with them. I had a lovely chat with Phil and Helena who run York and Dulgent Fudge who I had discovered through my friend Sharon on her blog Humbug’s House.  I was very impressed with the fudge and bought two flavours to try out. Do look out for their Blue Cheese, Apple and Walnut Fudge, which the first time ever that I have come across a savoury fudge and it sounds funny but believe me it works!

I treated myself to two gorgeous bags of fudge and deliberately chose flavours my kids wouldn’t like so they wouldn’t be tempted to nick them! Aren’t I a mean Mum?

 By this time hubby had sloped off!  He was just answering a phone call so I told him I was going to the fudge stall.  When I went to find him, he had gone off. Typical, it’s like when my kids used to wander off in Toys R Us! I phoned him, phone went straight to voicemail saying he was on holiday. No use texting him “Where are you?”, he’d never reply. I left him a message. Then I get a phone call from one of the supply teaching agencies I work for with some work lined up. He phones back while I’m on the phone!  I thought well knowing my car mad petrol head husband he will be looking at the Lexus stand as they are the sponsors of the Good Food Show. He was, no surprise there then!

I couldn’t get my husband away from the Lexus stand.  Any show we go to and its always the cars he gravitates towards, bless him!

 I then went to stock up with my favourites in the Deliciously Yorkshire section: Gordon Rhodes and Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.  It was lovely to chat with everyone on their stands and I came away with products I can’t always find locally.  We love the Gordon Rhodes spice rubs and I had run out. They are launching some new ones for the summer so I got some samples to try. More of that to come so watch this space.

The lovely ladies from Gordon Rhodes.
Had a lovely chat with the guys on the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil stand.  I loved cooking from their recipe book which was sent to me by the Good Food Show team.


I went a bit overboard on the Gordon Rhodes stand but I use their products all the time!


 We also stocked up on the flavoured Yorkshire Rapeseed Oils we love like chilli and ginger. We also got a garlic one  to try as well as another plain oil so I can use it in my baking.

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oils- both my husband and I love cooking with them.

 A new company caught my eye at the show. They are called Stoats, who are based in Edinburgh and make porridge oat products.  I will be writing a separate post later on but I was very impressed with what I saw.  I hadn’t realised that they had in fact been going for over ten years but it was the first time I had seen them.

As part of a Community Blogger perk we got a complimentary seat in the Supertheatre to watch Tom Kerridge’s demo.  I’ve seen Tom Kerridge on TV before and enjoy watching him though I’ve never made any of his recipes and I don’t have any of his books.  He was very entertaining and demonstrated how to make three dishes Turbot With Toasted Cucumber, Mushrooms and Radishes, Spiced Roast Rump Of Lamb With Celery and Feta, and also how to make Asparagus with a sauce which I cant remember the name of now but it looked delicious.  The dishes aren’t really what I’d cook at home, even for a special occasion.  I’ve never tried turbot though it was fascinating to see what happened to the cucumber when it cooked. I didn’t think you could cook cucumber.  I don’t really like lamb either and never cook it at home as the smell of it cooking makes me feel sick.  I did like the sound of the asparagus though, I love asparagus with hollandaise sauce so to have it with the sauce Tom Kerridge used would be a delcious alternative.

A very blurred image of Tom Kerridge taken on my phone which is rubbish at taking pictures at events like this!
Tom Kerridge in action at the BBC Good Food Show Supertheatre.

We were then met by the sales and press team and given a tour of the show showing selected stands including four very special producers who had been granted a Bursary Award, as well as various producers who were known as Good Food Champions.  I’m going to be writing a separate blog post about the Bursary Award winners but here are some highlights of what we saw as we walked around the show.

Tempting mini cakes and meringues on Flower and White’s stand.

The meringues from Flower and White just called for a close up shot of their very own.

Although it’s now a well established brand and you can buy Fentiman’s drinks everywhere I had to buy some of my favourites to take home.

My whole family love Heck sausages so I always stock up at the Good Food Show. I got our favourite four flavours which came in a freezer carry bag.

One of the Good Food Champions was Simple Simon’s Perfect PIes.  Many different flavours and all appeared to be made with a hot water crust pastry.

Again you can buy Mercers jam and conserves in many retail outlets in Yorkshire but I couldn’t resist stocking up on my favourite lemon curd, salted caramel and some onion marmalade.

I was very excited to see TasteCollectiv’s stand at the Good Food Show as I was lucky to get some free samples of their scrumptious Romesco and Pesto sauces a few days before the show.

Little Doone’s Award Winning range of flavoured Balsamic Vinegars.  I was taken with the garlic flavoured one.

I adored the Slingsby Rhubarb Gin.  Being a gin lover I will definitely be getting some of this in the future.

Aye Love Real Food which sold delicious handmade Scotch eggs as well as sausage rolls.

 All too soon it was time to head back home with my purse considerably lighter than it was when I got to the show that morning.  I had bought and seen some fantastic things.

I had a lovely day and really enjoyed taking part in the show as a Community Blogger.  All opinions and photos are my own.