Cooking The Books.

No, this doesn’t mean I’m doing any dodgy financial deals!  This year I’ve set myself a little challenge.  I buy loads of recipe books (especially baking ones) and although my hubby thinks I need to have a recipe book cull, there are a few books on my shelves which haven’t been used yet.  There are also books on my shelf which I really love but want to bake more from.  This year I am determined to put that right.  The rest I won’t use are being taken off to the local charity shop!  Instead, I have decided to choose a book a month and bake recipes from it.  I know it will be impossible to bake every recipe from every book. So, to make it more interesting and achievable, I have chosen to bake one or two recipes from each chapter in the relevant books.  This is only if I have time, of course!

Here are the books so far I am planning on using. This may change on a whim, depending on my mood.


January:  A Lighter Way To Bake- Lorraine Pascale.

February : How To Be A Domestic Goddess- Nigella Lawson

March: A Passion For Baking- Jo Wheatley

April: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

May: Delia’s Cakes

June: John Whaite Bakes At Home

July: Celebrations At The Primrose Bakery

August: Scandelicious Baking- Signe Johansen

August/ September/ October: While the Great British Bake Off is on I’m going to have a go at baking from the newest book to accompany Series 5.

November:Bake by Rachel Allen.

December: Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

UPDATE:  Due to lots going on in life I ended up not baking everything in my challenge from Rachel Allen’s book in November and December ended up with lots of other things happening. Never mind.  It was a great challenge and I really enjoyed doing it!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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