Mini Ginger Biscuits

Last weekend I wanted to test out one of the baking recipes in one of the Hairy Dieters books. In their third book: The Hairy Dieters Good Eating there is a recipe for Ginger Biscuits in the Sweet Treats chapter of the book. Now I have a terrible weakness for homemade ginger biscuits, especially onesContinue reading “Mini Ginger Biscuits”

Nostalgic Bakes from Paul Hollywood’s “A Baker’s Life”

The recent spate of snow days has made me want to stay in my warm kitchen and bake comfort food.  Never mind me trying to diet.  Forget that! When you feel cold and tired, all you want to do is to hibernate with a giant piece of flapjack in each hand! I ended not beingContinue reading “Nostalgic Bakes from Paul Hollywood’s “A Baker’s Life””