The Yorkshire Bake Off- American Key Lime Pie (Your Bakes)

Hi there and welcome to the very first Yorkshire Bake Off!  It is lovely that my Twitter friends in particular have given it lots of support and I hope that you will enjoy joining in in the future.  All you need is a copy of the latest Great British Bake Off book “How To Turn Everyday Bakes Into Showstoppers” but I will try to even out the bakes so there are recipes online on the BBC Website and also to choose a wide cross section of things that appeal to everyone.
I chose American Lime Pie as the first Bake Off recipe as Ryan created this gorgeous dessert bake which had impressed both Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. I wanted to find out exactly what was so special about it and as I had never attempted a Key Lime Pie before I thought, why not have a go?
This week we have three entries and have been judged by Doug, my long suffering husband and fellow lover of Key Lime Pie. As I type he has just finished off the last slice of the pie I made on Sunday and was more than happy to offer his expertise (and pretend to do a Paul Hollywood at the same time without all the harsh criticism!)
So here goes:
Entry #1 is from @Yorkshire_Rosie via Twitter.  
Doug says: I like the individual pie idea, great for portion control but we would be tempted to eat more than one in our house.  The meringues look very neatly iced, too.  I wish I could have seen what it looked like when cut up but I bet they were delicious.

Entry #2: @sarahh_cakes via Twitter
Doug says: A beautifully decorated dessert. How did you manage to slice the limes so thin? It would have been lovely to see the pie cut up as well to see the layers.
Entry #3: @EversNanaJules via Twitter
Doug says: This Key Lime Pie looks fantastic, it has been decorated more like a lemon meringue pie (another of my favourites!).  I like that the pie has been cut up so I can see the base, there is a lovely balance of filling to the meringue topping.
The Verdict:
It has been extremely difficult to choose as the three pies were decorated differently but all looked so delicious. After taking about half an hour to choose I decided on @EversNanaJules entry.  
So, thank you so much for taking part and remember it’s all for fun!
See you on the next Bake Off! Watch this space!
Here’s how I got on:
The other three ladies’ entries put mine to shame!  I am so embarrassed that I ballsed up my Italian meringue despite using a sugar thermometer!  It burnt and went brown, so after lots of scraping and swearing, into the bin it went.  I didn’t have enough eggs spare so had to use the remaining double cream I had in my fridge, whip it up and pipe it on the dessert with a large star shaped nozzle.  
I decided to bake my Key Lime Pie last Sunday which was the closing date for the Bake Off.  It was meant to be served as a pudding after Sunday lunch, which actually turned into Sunday dinner as my hubby had gone out for the day watching motor racing. I was running around like a headless chicken catching up on housework, not getting anywhere as I am working pretty much full time at the moment.  I had dealt with an 80th birthday cake order the day before so anything I baked today had to be done quickly and with minimum fuss.
Upon reading the recipe first I came upon a first stumbling block. The pie was made with sweet pastry flavoured with ground ginger. This to me sounded utterly divine but filled me with dread as I always make such a mess putting pastry into tins.  I thought Key Lime Pie had a digestive biscuit base like cheesecake (well that’s what the recipe in my Delia book “How To Cook Part 2” said).  
So, on with the pastry. Plain flour, icing sugar, ginger and salt were sifted into a bowl with some cubed, cold butter.  I then rubbed in the mixture to make breadcrumbs. After that egg yolks and ice cold water were added to the mixture and bound together into a dough with a round bladed knife. I then chilled the dough in the fridge wrapped in clingfilm for about 20 minutes.  Only my dough was in the fridge for a bit longer as I ended going upstairs to sort out an argument that had sprung up between my two teenage children (again!!).
Once the dough had had a good chilling I rolled it out into a circle and lined my loose bottomed fluted tin carefully. Luckily this time I managed to get the pastry in the tin without ripping it or putting it in wrong so I had loads on one side and none on the other. This then had to be chilled again for another 20 minutes.  The kids had gone back to doing their own thing happily so I put the kettle on for a cuppa and started on the filling.  After the second chilling, the pastry went into the oven to be baked blind.
I loved the addition of the chopped stem ginger which Ryan included in his Key Lime Pie.  Ginger and Lime seem to work really well together but I had not thought that chunks of stem ginger would work. I chopped some stem ginger up and then zested and juiced the limes ready for the filling and for the decoration.  The lovely creamy filling (which is absolutely no good if you’re doing Weightwatchers as I SHOULD be) as it contains condensed milk and double cream, as well as lime zest and juice and egg yolks. These were all whisked together and I am ashamed to say once the filling went into the pastry case I licked the bowl out!  I couldn’t get enough of it but I didn’t have any lunch that day as I was saving myself for my roast dinner later! No more baking was involved after that, the pie went into the fridge to chill. I loved the pale goldeny-green colour of the pie, you could tell it was natural and not full of green food colouring.
As I said before I mucked up the Italian meringue topping. This was my second ever attempt at meringue prepared this way and I was not looking forward to it. Last summer I made some lemon meringue cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery book and as I poured the hot sugar syrup onto the beaten egg whites, some syrup splashed onto my thumb! It was agony and although the meringue turned out ok, my thumb still has a long scar about 1 cm long from where I burnt myself!  As this attempt was also a disaster, I decided enough was enough and whipped up the remaining cream in the tub left over from the filling.  Once this was piped on, I cut a lime into quarters and then into thin semi circles to garnish the cake. I also threw on some remaining lime zest. This made my son laugh and he said they looked like bogies!  
Everyone, except my son who doesn’t like limes (he likes chocolate lime sweets though) loved the pie. It was a very big dessert so would be ideal for a dinner party in small slices, it took us 3 days to get through it.
I really enjoyed making the American Lime Pie and I would definitely make it again if I had time to work through the different stages involved in making the dessert. 
Happy Baking!
Love Sam x
My attempt at the Key Lime Pie, shame the pic was a bit blurred off my phone.

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  1. well done eversnanajules. the meringue was very faffy. I preferred a method I found on the bbc website which involved whisking over bowl of boiling water before putting in food mixer. also there was way to much meringue in the lime recipe. I tried to use it for pavlova but was disastrous as the syrup leaked. enjoyed the challenge. thanks Sam.Rosie

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