Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread.

About two weeks ago I was going to cook Prawn Korma for dinner but forgot to buy some prawns.  I rushed off to Morrisons and forgot my shopping list.  I couldn’t even remember what I’d planned for dinner that night so we ended up with me buying some chicken breasts and a spice kit to help me make chicken tikka masala.  It tasted great and I was pleased even my fussy son enjoyed it.  One to try again sometime!

When we get Indian takeaways we love naan breads and chapatis but I’ve never had the courage to make them myself.  When I made some chilli and halloumi cheese flatbreads last year I was gobsmacked by how easy they were to make and how my family devoured them.  Of course being homemade they tasted much better too.  So I thought I would love to have a go at making naan bread as I had been told by my friend at work that they were really easy to make.  She was right!

The recipe I used was from the  book to accompany the very first series of The Great British Bake Off back in 2010- The Great British Book Of Baking.

Here’s how they were made:

Plain flour, salt, water and natural yoghurt was put into a large mixing bowl and combined together to create dough.
Here is the naan bread dough.
Now for the naan’s flavouting- I used freshly chopped garlic and some chopped coriander.
After an hour of leaving the dough to ferment in the mixing bowl which was left in my warm kitchen, I chopped the dough into eight equal portions to make the individual naan breads.
I think you are meant to grill the naan breads but I put them in my small non stick frying pan one by one. They cooked for about 2 minutes on each side then I kept them warm in the oven while the rest were cooking.
A plate of delicious naans. Well worth the effort.

Everyone in our house loved the naan breads and I’m so glad I tried making them.  They tasted much better than any bought ones and were great for mopping up leftover sauce from our curry.  I might try them again but with chilli and garlic or even with coconut.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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  1. aakifahm says:

    Omg, can’t you mail this dish to me, looks amazing! 😀

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