#30daywritingchallenge: Day 18- My Day.

For Day 18 in my #30daywritingchallenge I was asked to write about my day in the form of a bullet journal. To be honest I wasn’t sure what was meant by a bullet journal. I’ve heard of bullet points but a bullet journal is a notebook where you highlight things that you want to achieve. I googled bullet journals and saw some gorgeous examples of notebooks with beautiful art work. This is something I would love to explore more of and hopefully with some birthday money I am going to treat myself to some bullet journal stationery. In the meantime, though I thought I would outline a day in the life at SmartCookieSamville.

So here goes:

6.00am: The alarm goes off on my phone. It is a duck quacking on my phone. I must’ve been in a right deep sleep as I can’t understand why a duck is quacking in my bedroom. I come round and realise it’s the alarm. I hit snooze. Meanwhile Mr SmartCookieSam gets up and gets ready to go and muck out our daughter’s horse. He goes downstairs, lets the dog out and gives him his breakfast. I hear him swear! That must mean the cat has brought in something or has thrown up! It’s the latter, our cat has thrown up all over the dining room window! Nice one! I pretend that I’m still asleep!

6.30am: I admit defeat and get up. Into the shower to wake me up and I throw on one of my work dresses, some tights and my navy pair of ballerina flats. I’ve not looked out of the window, and it looks sunny. I run downstairs and eat some toast and have a coffee while making a fuss of the dog. He’s sat there looking up at me with his big brown eyes. Not because he loves me, he’s more interested in my toast.

7.00am: I take the dog out for a walk. It’s a quick walk to the end of the village and back. Before I set off I shout my son hoping that he gets out of bed or else he’ll miss the college bus. There’s no way I can take him to college today, I’m working in a school miles away in the opposite direction to his college. The dog is very excited when I say “Walkies” and he wags his tail when I get his lead out. He walks very fast and as soon as he sees another dog, that’s it he’s racing on ahead. The sunny weather is short lived. By the time I’m back from my dog walked, its pouring with rain. The saying April showers rings true!

7.30am: Dog walked, I’m back home. The dog isn’t interested in me any more now Mr SmartCookieSam is back eating his breakfast. I pick up my school bag and hand bag and get into the car. Today it will take me 45 minutes to the school I’m working in and I’ll be driving along twisty and winding country roads. I don’t want to be late. The journey is really pleasant in the morning sun and I listen to Radio 2 this morning as I drive along.

8.15am: I arrive at the school, check into the reception and collect my visitor lanyard. It’s a school I work at regularly and with a class I’ve taught a few times before. The school secretary hands me my lanyard and as she signs me in she asks if it’s possible if I can stay all day instead of just the morning I am originally booked for. This is fine to me and I head straight off to the staffroom to drop off home made carrot cake and Smartie cookies baked yesterday on my day off. One teacher spies them and says “They won’t be there when you come back at break time!” I agree with her, every time I drop off cakes in a school staff room they vanish like a plague of locusts falling from the sky.

9.00am: Register done and I set the EYFS children up for the day with the visual timetable and the weather chart. The children say it is Spring but it definitely feels colder today, despite the sun currently shining. I then teach the children’s literacy input for the day. It’s a quick session and they are really interested in the book about space that I show to them. There is lots of discussion which the class TA records on the ipad.

10.00am: It is snack time and the children sit with their milk and fruit. All I can think about is about that slice of carrot cake in the staff room but I should be eating fruit.

11.00am: Playtime over and full of carrot cake and coffee I’m feeling guilty for stuffing my face. We get on with our Maths input for the day and the children are talking about shapes and moon phases today. When we are talking about half moons one little girl says “It looks like a fat tummy!” and then later she says “My mummy has a fat tummy!” Poor mummy, but then out of the mouths of babes, eh? The children really enjoyed making moon shapes with playdough afterwards.

12.00noon: Lunchtime where I catch up with making assessment notes for the class teacher, eat my own lunch and get things ready for the afternoon session. The children end up having wet playtime which means they are high as kites.

1.15pm: Afternoon register done and I settle the children down with a phonics activity before we do some art and then have choosing time. The afternoon whizzes by but as the children have been in at lunchtime, they are hyper. Typical British weather.

3.00pm: The end of the day and it is story time. I love reading stories to children and they are enthralled by a book about a dragon which one of the children has chosen from the book corner. We then get ready for home time making sure no one has left their jumpers or anything behind. Or I think so as one little boy came back for his book bag 5 minutes after leaving school! He left it on the desk!

3.30pm: Everyone has gone home and I finish clearing up the classroom. Today has gone very quickly but I feel shattered. The class TA has already gone to pick her own children up from school so once I’ve finished I head to take my lanyard back to the office and to sign out. It is 4.00pm and I wearily drag myself to the car park. I check my phone and find about 5 messages and missed calls from teaching agencies and also a text from my son asking me to pick him up an hour earlier from town than originally planned.

4.30pm: I’m home and the first thing I do is to put the kettle on for a much needed cup of tea. I stand in the kitchen drinking it with one hand and empty the dishwasher with the other. Then I go and restack it. I notice that Mr SmartCookieSam has remembered to take the salmon fillets out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner. I completely forgot this morning. I feed the dog who is looking up at me again with his big brown dinner plate eyes and then the cat miaows for his food.

5.45pm: Mr SmartCookieSam is home and says he will go and pick our son up if I cook the dinner. I’m grateful, but I don’t feel like eating salmon tonight. I don’t like wasting food so we’ll have to have it. I choose to cook the salmon with stem ginger, soy sauce and lime juice and bake it in the oven wrapped in foil. We have new potatoes and broccoli with it. I get it ready for 7.30pm when he is back from town with our son.

8.00pm: I’ve cleared away the dinner things and now sat down in the lounge typing this on my laptop. I think it’ll be an early night tonight. Mr SmartCookieSam has some strange channel on TV full of old 1960s programmes. I’m not interested so if I wasn’t typing this I would probably be doing some cross stitch or some knitting. At the moment I am knitting a baby cardigan and matching hat.

10.00pm: As I type it is 8.45pm but usually on a school night I go to bed at 10.00pm. Whether I actually go to sleep at that time is another thing entirely. Sometimes since I started supply teaching my insomnia has really kicked in. Sometimes I fall asleep reading, other times I fall asleep and wake up an hour later. Other nights I toss and turn. One night a few months ago I finally got to sleep at 4am. I was in a long term post and we had OFSTED in the next day. Say no more! Whether I get a good night’s sleep tonight I’m not sure but I am back at the same school I was at today.

Hope you all have had a good day, whatever you have been up to. I know you might have had a more interesting day than me, but I was being honest!

UPDATE: This was meant to be posted yesterday but I completely forgot!

Sam x

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