#30daywritingchallenge: Day 21: What Three Lessons Would I Like My Children To Learn From Me?

Today’s challenge has been an interesting one to write. I have had to think of three lessons that I would like my children to learn in life. My two children are grown up now so they are already showing that they have learned from these lessons both their dad and I have taught them. I was thinking back to lessons that I have learned in life and believe you, me I have made loads of terrible mistakes and wish I could turn the clock back. Sometimes I feel like a lousy mum, other times I wing it and even occasionally I might get it right. If someone had told me that you learn on the job, that would have been helpful.

Lesson #1: To work hard to the best of your ability

This was always drummed into my psyche as a child. I always say this to pupils I teach as well. If you have a good brain, use it! If you struggle with something, that is ok but don’t waste the talents you do have. I worked hard at school and even though I am not that academic, I had to work really hard to get my A Levels and then my teaching degree. I felt that if I hadn’t have worked then I wouldn’t have got anywhere. Throughout my children’s school days I was not a pushy parent trying to make them read the entire Harry Potter series by the time they started school. Instead I encouraged them to take part in activities that they wanted to do, such as dancing and swimming. Now, I am very proud of both my children. My daughter is studying to be a media make up and prosthetic artist and my son wants to go into film directing. They wouldn’t have got anywhere without putting in the effort and making good use of their ability. I hope that they both carry on using their talents as they go through life.

Lesson #2: To be kind

I think that it is important to be kind. Nowadays I feel that in some instances people can be very selfish. Whether it is being courteous to other road users, or blocking the aisles in the supermarket, we can be thinking what’s in it for me? I feel sometimes that I myself have got more and more selfish as I’ve got older and it makes me feel ashamed. I think it could be a mixture of life being busier and more stressful so you think more of yourself. Or you devote less time to helping others voluntarily. I used to be on different committees and used to help out at my children’s school before I returned to work. But being back at work suddenly makes you selfish with the precious spare time you don’t have left. What I would love my children to take on board is that even if you don’t have much spare time, is that you can still do kind actions. Be courteous to other road users and to help people out without thinking what do I get out of it?

Lesson #3: To remember and celebrate your roots

My two children were both born in Harrogate and have lived in North Yorkshire for all of their lives. They have Yorkshire roots from my father’s side of my family but both sides of their family come from all different parts of the UK. I think you should always appreciate where you come from and celebrate it. Even if you have to move away for work commitments or if you meet a partner, it is important to think about where you come from. I grew up just outside Nottingham but ended up moving away due to my parents divorcing and also to work commitments. I now feel settled in my part of Yorkshire but I enjoy the chance to go back to visit my Mum who still lives there. My daughter is currently away in Southampton at uni but she is very proud of being a Northerner and coming from Yorkshire. She says she misses Yorkshire accents when she is at uni. When you are away from your home town you appreciate it all the more when you go back and visit. So wherever my children end up living, I always hope that they will treasure their Yorkshire roots.

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