#30daywritingchallenge: Day 27- My Top Five Drinks.


I can’t remember the place where I ended up with jelly beans with my coffee.  All I remember is that my mum was with me, might have been somewhere in York City Centre.

I’ve always loved strong coffee and can’t manage to get off to work without my first cup of the morning. If I am teaching the younger children and depending on the school set up, I don’t always get a break until lunchtime. So I treat myself to a nice takeaway coffee from somewhere like Costa or I take my own in my special lidde travel mug. I’m not a coffee snob where I won’t touch instant- I do. But it has to be a quality instant. I tend to have instant at home unless it is the weekend or the school holidays and then I might make some fresh coffee in my individual cafetiere. My coffee is always with a little drop of skimmed milk and no sugar. If anyone makes my coffee too milky or with full cream milk, it makes me feel sick. I like skinny cappucinos but I’m not keen on lattes or those syrups you can put in coffees. I have used those coffee syrups for flavouring cakes, though.

I love my special personalised travel mug.  It’s great to take with me going into different supply schools.  The only problem is that there are a lot of Mrs Smiths about!
If I know I’m not going to get a break all morning then I sometimes buy a takeaway coffee.


I sometimes drink green tea.
I love a cup of tea, especially if it is Yorkshire.

I love a good cuppa and even better if it is Yorkshire Tea. If that’s not around then I like Twinings Breakfast Blend. We have them at home and that’s our go to drink for the rest of the day. I’ll drink other teas, like Earl Grey and I love green tea as well. For bedtime I love to take a cup of camomile tea up with me to sip while I’m reading my book. But with coffee, if someone makes me a cup of tea and it is as weak as dishwater I just can’t drink it. Mr SmartCookieSam doesn’t drink coffee but drinks tea. If he makes me a cup of tea I have to tell him to leave the teabag in a bit longer. If I am on my own at home in the afternoon, sometimes I use my individual Cath Kidston teapot and cup.


Having a great prosecco when I’m away with my friends.
This was a gift and a lovely treat.
Enjoying a drink with my friend, Julie.

This is my favourite drink when I meet up with my friends, especially my friend and fellow Wet Wet Wet fan Julie. We have lots of laughs on nights out when we go out and they always involve Prosecco. I don’t really drink it at home, unless we get given a bottle as a present. It’s more of a celebratory drink. Though I might end up having a glass or two on my birthday next week. Then again I might not as it’s a school night!

Gin and Tonic

Masons of Yorkshire Gin Tea Edition.
Whitley Neill gin with Aromatic Tonic Water.

I got a gin miniature gift set for Christmas, and I really enjoyed trying out the Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic Water with some Gordons Gin.
Some Portobello Road gin which we had in our drinks cabinet last year. It was delicious

I’ve always enjoyed the odd gin and tonic at home on a Friday or Saturday night. I used to enjoy Bombay Sapphire and so does Mr SmartCookieSam. But since the resurgence of artisan gins and speciality tonics, such as the Fevertree mixers, we enjoy a little tipple now and again. We’ve discovered local gins such as the ones made by Masons of Yorkshire and also Slingsby Rhubarb gin. At the moment I am slowly working my way through a bottle of Whitley Neill.

Sparkling Water with Lime Cordial

I love a glass of fizzy water with a splash of lime cordial, it’s so refreshing on a hot day. I don’t put too much lime cordial in. Even though I’ve got a sweet tooth, sweet drinks just taste horrible to me. I try to drink plain water as well, even though sometimes I forget to drink enough. This especially happens when I’m at work!

A refreshing non- alcoholic lime and soda drink.
A lovely glass of chilled rose outside on a rare, sunny evening.
I bought some Katla Icelandic Vodka recently in the duty free shop at Keflavik airport last year. We toasted the New Year in with it and haven’t had any since.
Love a nice glass of red wine but I hate the really heavy “blackcurranty” ones and they give me a horrible headache.

What are your favourite drinks?


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