Pulled Pork

It’s been the first full day back at work after the Christmas holidays. An early start and a late finish for me means we always need something quick and easy for dinner. This is when my slow cooker comes in useful. I knew that getting used to being back at work after 2 weeks off and being out of the routine would be tiring. So I needed something that I didn’t have to think about when I got in.

So, at 7.00am this morning while still in my pjs and nursing a strong cup of coffee to bring me into the land of the living, I set the pork off in the slow cooker.

Last Friday I bought a shoulder of pork in a local farm shop as well as a packet of Gordon Rhodes’ Pulled Pork mix. This saves buying all the different ingredients and is simply mixed with some water. You can add a couple of spoonfuls of honey to the mixture but I never bother. Why add sweetness and sugar when it isn’t needed?

At 5.00pm I came home and as soon as I put the key in the door I was greeted by a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. The pork was ready so I turned the setting to the keep warm one while I got some jacket potatoes ready. I normally serve pulled pork with crusty rolls or wedges but today I chose jackets. To finish off we had ready made coleslaw and some baked beans.

To serve the pork I removed all the fat and the string from around the joint. Then I transferred the meat to another plate and pulled the meat apart gently with two forks. There was some pulled pork sauce in the crock pot which is meant to be spooned over the meat. It looked really unappetising as it had pieces of fat swimming in it. I got my husband to pour the sauce through a sieve while I held it over a jug. The remaining sauce was then ready to eat.

A perfect, quick and easy dinner for a cold winter’s night. I also love pulled pork with salad in the summer.

Have a great night.

Love Sam xx

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