Lighter Spaghetti Carbonara.

As I was driving home from work tonight (which thankfully took me all of 5 minutes) I was feeling shattered. I’ve been working in a local nursery today which I love but is very tiring. It was a massive struggle to get up this morning as it’s so dark.

On weeknights when I’ve been at work I feel like we need comfort food, yet something quick to prepare and delicious. This Spaghetti Carbonara from Eat Well For Less definitely hit the spot!

My husband had made a chicken curry at the weekend and we had two chicken breasts left over that needed using up. But I had planned out to make carbonara so we thought we could add in some stir fried chicken and garlic to the carbonara sauce along with the bacon lardons.

While I got all the other ingredients out, my husband stir fried the chicken and some crushed garlic in the pan. After this was nearly finished, he added in some bacon lardons.

In a large pan I put on some water to boil. When this was ready I added the dried spaghetti. To save on pans I also added some frozen peas to cook at the same time.

Meanwhile I beat an egg in a jug with some milk, grated Parmesan cheese, dried basil, pepper and salt. This would be the basis of the sauce which would be tossed into the cooked pasta. If I had put this mixture under some direct heat, then the eggs would have scrambled.

When the carbonara was ready, I tossed everything together and served it in a massive ovenproof dish for my family to help themselves to. Authentic carbonara doesn’t have some of the ingredients I used in it but I had to add some vegetables to the dish. The recipe served four easily and the portion sizes were generous. No one complained that I had forgotten to make or buy garlic bread for on the side! Clean plates, or should I say pasta bowls all round!

Have a great night!

Love Sam xx

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