Raspberry and Almond Porridge

I’m hopeless at getting up when it’s still dark. These winter mornings just make me want to curl up and hibernate. I’m definitely a Spring and Summer person. This morning I set my alarm for 6.00am but I finally crawled out of bed at 6.30. It was pitch black outside and I just wanted to stay in bed.

I have been covering some extra shifts in a day nursery this week and although I love it, the days can be very long and tiring. To set me up for the day I always like to have a good breakfast inside me. Something like porridge is always a good bet as it keeps me going until lunchtime.

This morning I found a porridge recipe suggestion from the latest Eat Well For Less cookbook. It was a raspberry and almond porridge one. I buy fresh raspberries in season and had some frozen ones as well as some flaked almonds and runny honey to make this delicious sounding porridge. Raspberries and almonds always make me think of Bakewell Tart!

It took me about 4 1/2 minutes to cook the porridge oats in the microwave with half skimmed milk and water. Then I simply topped the cooked oats with 80g raspberries, a teaspoonful of flaked almonds and a teaspoonful of runny honey.

The porridge tasted perfect and kept the hunger pangs at bay all through the morning. I really enjoyed the flavours of the raspberries and almonds together. I wouldn’t usually put almonds on porridge but they were left over from Christmas.

Enjoy your Friday night.

Love Sam. Xx

PS: sorry about the lack of decent photos on this post. I was in a big hurry to eat my breakfast and get off to work this morning.

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