Pea and Mint Soup.

I’ve had a lovely relaxing day at home catching up. In fact this whole weekend has been like that. Every now and again you need weekends like that where you can recharge your batteries and be prepared to face the next week ahead.

I thought I’d try and get ahead and sort out some lunch prep for a couple of days next week so I made up a batch of this mouthwatering pea and mint soup. It was a cinch to make. This month I am testing out recipes from all the three Eat Well For Less cookbooks. In the latest book: Eat Well For Less Quick And Easy Meals there is a recipe for Pea And Mint Soup which looked so scrumptious, I just had to try it out.

This pea and mint soup makes enough for eight portions. Four for now and four to pop in the freezer for later. The soup was made with chicken stock but if you want to make it vegetarian, you use vegetable stock instead. To garnish the soup, you serve it with bacon bits sprinkled on the top and finish it with a swirl of creme fraiche.

To start with, I chopped up two medium onions and fried them gently in two teaspoonfuls of rapeseed oil. When the onions had softened, I added a litre of chicken stock and a kilogram of frozen peas to the saucepan. After they had simmered for a few minutes, I added some dried mint. I didn’t have any fresh mint as the recipe suggested, so I had to make do with dried. I also seasoned the peas with salt and pepper.

In a small frying pan I sautéed some bacon lardons. The recipe suggested using eight rashers of back bacon and roughly chopping them up. I didn’t have any but had a pack of lardons left over from last week’s spaghetti carbonara I made. These were fried in their own fat. When they were crispy, I took them out of the pan with a slotted spoon and let them dry out on a piece of kitchen towel.

I let the soup cool down before I transferred it in batches to my blender to purée it. I loved the gorgeous green colour that the soup became. The rest went into a jug in the fridge but I saved back two portions for our lunch.

I have to say that this is honestly the best soup I have ever made. The soup had a natural sweetness from the peas and the salty, crispy bacon added a welcome contrast. I ate mine on its own but my husband had a slice of bread and butter with his.

I will definitely make this soup again. It was so quick and easy to make and so cheap!

Have a great night,

Love Sam xx

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